League of Legends Watch Rewards – How to earn drops by watching

Here is everything about the Drop Feature

Fan of League of Legends competition, here is a chance to earn some free drops if you are watching the game online. Riot revealed a new Drop feature that will let fans to earn some free League Loots while watching the game. This includes skin shards, prestige points, etc. The drops will be available in the third week of 2020 LCS and LEC Summer Split.

League of Legends Watch Rewards Guide

To get League of Legends to drop rewards log-in to watch.lolesports.com. You will have to use your League account and opt-in for rewards. You can also visit the rewards tab to know more about that is coming up.

Part of a watch games program you can earn rewards that can also include icons, emotes, and other loot. During the official matches, the audience who are actively watching the broadcast will be rewarded with digital goods and other promotions.

Drops start during the 3rd week of 2020 Summer Split for the LCS and LEC and fans from all regions and servers are eligible to earn the rewards. There is no restriction here. Below are the common rewards in League of Legends watch rewards.

  • Shards
  • Chromas
  • Prestige Points
  • Clash Tickets

All your collected drops will be visible under the Rewards Tab of watch.lolesports.com. To increase your chances of getting drops make sure you are properly logged-in and opted to receive rewards and drops. You will see a notification on your screen if the drop is triggered by some in-game content.

To claim the League of Legends drop rewards just click on the screen notification. If you missed the notification then still you can claim the reward. Visit the drop page of the site. Details on drops and third party rewards are in the Drops Tab of profile page on lolesports.com.

This is how you can earn League of Legends drop rewards, just be online actively watch the stream and you are good to go.