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Journey To The Savage Planet Beginners Tips And Tricks

Things you must know before you start

Journey To The Savage Planet is a game of exploration and a ton of humor. After your Javelin crashes on an alien planet survival is tough. The game has a lot to explore with a tough comedy you will never forget. You will also see many alien creatures, some are cute while some will attack you on sight. So here you checkout this Journey To The Savage Planet Beginners guide to know every important thing about the game. You will learn tips on crafting weapons, fighting alien creatures, unlocking gears, how to survive and a lot more.

Journey To The Savage Planet Beginners Tips

Below are essential points you must remember while playing Journey To The Savage Planet. These tips work throughout the game offer you vital details on crafting, restoring health, etc.

1. How to Restore Health and Stamina in Journey To The Savage Planet?

Journey to the Save Planet Beginners Guide

Stamina meter restores automatically if you slow down. To restore Health, look for these yellow glowing eggs, this is the Vitality Plant. They are commonly found around open areas, inside caves, near lakes, etc. The glowing eggs are Health Essense, just walk near the plant if you are low on health and kick or shoot it. The eggs fall and walk over them to restore your health bar to full. Always keep an eye around when you are fighting with alien creatures, you will need these Health Essense.

2. Why it is important to scan the surroundings in Journey To The Savage Planet?

Scanning is an important part of the game, it tells you everything about an animal, plant, etc. Scanning is quite simple and it is also important to find parts that will restore your ship. In PS4 press D-pad Up to scan broken ships, alien creatures, objects in the environment, etc to learn more about. You will also unlock new objectives by scanning.

3. How to Unlock Weapons in Journey To The Savage Planet?

Weapons in the game will be unlocked by crafting. There is a 3D-printer inside a Javelin, the space ship. Blueprints will be unlocked as you progress in the game. After unlocking blueprint you will have to gather enough resources, for example when you unlock Nomad Pistol blueprint you will need 10 Carbons and 4 Silicon to craft it. Read our guide – how to craft Nomad Pistol to know more. There are Gears also that will increase your survival chance, but each of these items required resources like Carbon, Silicon, etc. You have to either gather alien creatures poo or kill them to collect resources.

4. What Are the Primary Resources for crafting in Journey To The Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet Beginners Guide

There are four main resources to gather Carbon (Dark Blue), Aluminum (Light Blue), Silicon (Yellow) and Alien Allow (Bright Pink). These four primary resources will be used for crafting and upgrading weapons in the game. Whenever an alien creature drops a resource you can identify it on the basis of color code. Every time you visit Javelin all resources will be deposited in the ship automatically.

Journey to the Savage Planet Carbon Crystals

Look for this glowing crystal in the surrounding. The one in blue is Carbon Vien. Shoot it and loot carbons for free, and it will give you a pretty high amount of loots instantly. There are various rocks around the surroundings, you will need to scan effectively to check each and everything. This is the fastest way to increase your resources count in the inventory but requires a little bit of exploration. The scanner will guide what kind of resource it is going to drop.

Whenever you are exploring look for blue, yellow or green rocks. Shoot them and loot the resources faster. This is ideal for animal lovers who will not like to shoot the aliens.

Note: If you die in between and respawn back at the ship you will lose all your collected resources. It will be packed and kept in a loot crate at the last dead location, visit it back to recover it.

5. How to Level Up in Journey To The Savage Planet?

Level Up Tips in Journey To the Savage Planet

To Level Up, you will need to find and eat the Orange God. It is an Alien Superfood, very easy to locate but sometimes it is hidden behind waterfalls and remote locations. The issue is you have to go near and consume it to Level up your character. One Orange God is found at Jellywaft Basic. The ice floor will break and you will fall down, the egg is right in front of you while a second one is behind the waterfall in a small cave. Another one is on the top. Also, you spot it hanging on roofs. Max Level up is 100. Eating this increases Health and Stamina.

6. How to lure creatures in Journey To The Savage Planet?

Throw Grob to lure aliens like Pufferbird (Snowy). After eating they will fart Carbon and this works on other creatures also. You can then attack them from behind, to collect other important resources.

7. How to upgrade character in Journey To The Savage Planet?

There are around 5 important attributes that make your character stronger in the game. The first is Weapons and its upgrades, you will have to gather resources to upgrade them. Second is Items that will give you buffs like carrying more weapons. Third, there are gears that will make your job easy in finding a resource or grappling mountain walls. The fourth one is a Backpack that on movement and storage and the last one is Visor to add some upgrades to the helmet. Everything is listed under the Character section of the game menu.

  • Total Weapons – 14
  • Total Items – 9
  • Total Gears – 6
  • Backpack Upgrades – 9
  • Visor Upgrades – 6

8. How to Fast Travel in Journey To The Savage Planet?

To Fast Travel you will have to find and activate Alien Teleportation Pedestal. It is a kind of circular building located anywhere in the game. Once you activate it, you can move between locations and return to the ship instantly. We have a separate guide on that with step by step instructions on how to unlock fast travel in Journey to the Savage Planet.

9. How to climb on top of rocks using Grapple Gear & cover longer distances?

In Journey to the Savage Planet, you will unlock Proton Tether which is the Grapple gear. Using it you can climb heights easily and locations on which there are no Grapple Points, you can use Grapple Seeds. To know more in details read our guide – How To Unlock Proton Tether in Journey to the Savage Planet. There is another upgrade for Grapple, Advance Proton Tether that will allow you to attach yourself to Rails and cover bigger distances easily.

This guide is under constructions, we will keep updating new tips as we keep on playing the game.