How To Craft First Weapon In Journey to the Savage Planet – Nomad Pistol

Single Most Important Tool

Without a gun, you can do nothing in Journey to the Savage Planet. Do you want to know how to craft your first weapon in Journey to the Savage Planet then here is a guide for you. The weapon blueprint that unlocks after landing is Nomad Pistol. The primary weapon that can be used to take down alien creatures and destroy crystals to unlock paths. There are two important elements needed to craft this weapon and it can be later upgraded by harvesting resources. In this Journey to the Savage Planet guide you will learn tips on how to craft the Nomad Pistol.

How to Craft Nomad Pistol?

Exit the Javelin, the space ship that crashed on the savage planet. After coming out there are caves right in front of you go inside and scan the creatures, they are Pufferbird (Snowy). To craft your first weapon in Journey to the Savage Planet, the Nomad Pistol you will need two things Carbon and Silicon.

Nomad Pistol Crafting Recipe:

  1. 10x Carbon
  2. 4x Silicon

How to find Carbon and Silicon in Journey to the Savage Planet?

Inside the cave pick the Grob from Bait Container. You can find it near the Pufferbird nest. Throw it on the ground to lure Pufferbird and they will release Carbon collect 10 and then attack the creatures from the back-side. Remember after attacking one all creatures will start attacking, so it is better to lure Pufferbird into isolation. You can use Slap or Kick the bird and after killing it they will release Silicon.

Carbon glows in blue and Silicon is in yellow. Grab the required amount of items and return to your Ship. The 3D printer is located on the right of the computer, interact with it and you will unlock the Nomad Pistol. Use the weapon to shoot down crystals blocking your path. Do not forget to scan to know the properties of objects in the environment and alien creatures.

How to upgrade Nomad Pistol Upgrades in Journey to the Savage Planet?

To upgrade revisit the 3D Printer after collecting required resources, without them you cannot upgrade. Below is the list of all Nomad Pistol Upgraded and resource requirements to unlock them in the game.

  1. Supercharged Shot: Supercharge your pistol for a single extra-damage shot. It requires 100 Carbon and 100 Silicon.
  2. Advanced Battery: Increase battery capacity, shoot more reload less. It requires 100 Silicon.
  3. Advanced Battery 2: Require Rank 2 – Field Explorer. Complete Science Experiments to Unlock See Journal for Details.
  4. Improved Damage: Add some punch to your shot. It requires 100 Carbon.
  5. Fast Reload: An important upgrade, requires 100 aluminum and alien alloy.

There are 14 different weapons in Journey to the Savage Planet,  that will be unlocked as you progress in the game. Stay tuned for more updates.