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How to Unlock Fast Travel Point in Journey to the Savage Planet

Teleport Quickly

Journey to the Savage Planet is massive and it is all about exploration. Your only base is the Javelin habitat, a crashed space ship with food and a 3D printer. So it is a default place to upgrade as well to deposit all your collected resources. In order to save time if you are far enough, you unlock teleportation points. This will help you to instantly return to your ship from any location. As well as you can continue playing back if you die and respawn. So here is how you can unlock fast travel point in Journey to the Savage Planet.

How to unlock Fast Travel Point?


The first fast travel point in Journey to the Savage Planet is located in Towering Crystals of Madness. To reach this point from the ship cross the icy caves. You will have to unlock the Nomad Pistol to break the purple crystals. After falling in Jellywaft Basin, look for a cave on the opposite of waterfall.

Continue walking towards your left, cross the trees with pink flowers and you will reach Towering Crystals of Madness. A circular building with a huge marble in the center.

Journey to the Savage Planet Fast Travel Point


This circular building is called as Alien Teleportation Pedestal. Go near the center and activate it with the Teleporter. Your assistant will take a little while to turn it on, in the meantime continuing the mission you can find the Shrine Fluid to unlock Jump Thrusters.

Return back to the Fast Travel Point and interact with. You will see a new menu from where you can choose various locations. To directly enter the ship chose the first fone Javelin Habitat.

In this way, you can unlock Fast Travel Point in Journey to the Savage Planet.