How To Craft Jump Thrusters In Journey to the Savage Planet

By Raaj
4 Min Read

Jump Thrusters are the first gear you will unlock soon during the initial main missions in Journey to the Savage Planet. It allows you to jump higher to reach heights. To unlock this you will need to grab ink fluid from a Shrine hidden inside a cave. In this guide, you can find details on the cave location where you will grab the sample and instructions to unlock Jump Thrusters In Journey to the Savage Planet. Remember to collect 100 Carbon + the Shrine Fluid before reaching the Javelin.

How to unlock Jump Thrusters In Journey to the Savage Planet

Unlocking the Jump Thrusters is a part of Mission Jump! Jump!. When you track this mission you will be assigned with an objective to find Shrine Fluid Sample Location. Below is what you have to do.

  1. To unlock the Jump Thruster’s that allow you to jump higher with a minimum effort you will have to locate a shrine inside a cave. This shrine has a liquid, after collecting the sample use the Fast Travel point return back to the Javeline and through the Backpack menu, you can unlock Jump Thrusters. Here is what you have to do.
  2. After unlocking Nomad Gun from the Javelin location walk back to the icy cave and break the purple crystal to unlock the way towards the massive towards. This is where the game prologue ends.
  3. On your right is Jellywaft Basin, here you can grab two Orange God to level up. On the opposite of the waterfall there is a cave, break the crystals and you will be in The Verdant Wilds of Zyl.
  4. Walk left, cross the trees with pink flower and you will reach a spot with circular buildings – Towering Crystals of Madness. This is where you will unlock a Fast Travel point. Activate it.
  5. Continue following the marker towards the right of Fast Travel Point and it will take you inside a cave. This new area is Glimmer Cave of Wonder.
  6. You can go right or left both paths leads to the same spot, kill the cave birds and grab some carbon. Slide below a tight spot and grab the glowing plant to see in the dark. Before you leave this spot look on the left end corner, behind a huge column. There is a kind of pitcher plant shoot them and they will hide revealing a rock with a green crystal. Shoot the rook to grab +50 Aluminium loot.
  7. The path to move forward is on the right, continue walking and you will spot a monument – Precarious Shrine. Go down and circle around to find rocks to climb up, follow the blue crystals to reach on top. This is the Jump Thruster Shrine. It has an Ink Fluid that can be used to repair the broken gear.
  8. Collect the fluid and return back to the Fast Travel point. Select Javelin Habitat and you will be back inside the ship. Visit the 3D Printer and repair your gear, remember you will also need 100 Carbon.

How to use Jump Thursters in Journey to the Savage Planet?

For PS4 press X again when you are in the air to jump hire. To evade an attack Press circle along with the joystick to move back or sideways quickly. Jump Thrusters will be a lifesaver when you are facing a stronger alien creature in the game.

Stay tuned for more guides and tips on Journey to the Savage Planet.