How To Unlock Grapple In Journey to the Savage Planet – Proton Tether

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Proton Tether is the gadget that will allow you to use Grapple and cover longer distances and reach heights. And it will get unlocked after a short while as you start playing Journey to the Savage Planet. Here is a step by step instructions on how to unlock Proton Tether in Journey to the Savage Planet.

How to unlock Proton Tether in Journey to the Savage Planet

Proton Tether blueprint will be unlocked soon after you complete the mission Fix Upper and find the Alien Alloy to repair the Javelin. Proton Tether will be unlocked during the mission to Investigate the Tower.  Use the Fast Travel point to go to Meteor Crater.

Look on the right for pink crystals and a plant spitting out some orange liquid and walk to the right end corner towards the cave. There is another alien creature, a flower type that releases lasers from its eye. Walk-behind the creature and poke in the eye. The cave is filled with molten lava and you have to walk quietly to make your way to the other side. Things that will annoy are bat-like creatures called Boomerang-Hermit that will crash into you.

Journey to the Savage Planet Unlock Proton Tether

There is a cracked wall, to break it grab the fruit from the plant that explodes. It looks likes an onion. There are a lot of explosive fruits in the cave – Bombergranate Plant. This fruit explodes, so grab one and throw it near the wall. Continue walking, cross the lava lake by jumping over rocks till you see another cracked wall.Journey to the Savage Planet Unlock Proton Tether

Breaking the wall will reveal Chamber of Intrigue, the shrine from where you can pull out the sample that will help you to craft Proton Tether. Return back to the Javelin and use the 3D printer to craft the gear. This is how you unlock grapple in Journey to the Savage Planet. There are grapple points, you can scan and find out over walls of mountains. The Proton Tether generates energy allowing you to pull yourself higher easily and cover bigger distances. You will also need 150 Silicon to craft the Grapple, which can be easily collected on your way towards the shrine.  Using grapple is simple on PS4 hold L1 to aim to the grapple point.

How to use Grapple Seeds in Journey to the Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet Grapple Seeds

After unlocking the Grapple Gear (Proton Tether) you can now use Grapple seeds. Shoot the hanging sacks and grab some seeds. These seeds are widely available and you just have to shoot them to grab the seeds. You can then place them on the mountain walls to climb. But throwing Grapple seeds anywhere will not work. There are certain specific locations where you can grapple.

Journey to the Savage Planet Grapple Seeds

After getting the seeds to look for the following purple items on the mountain walls. This is the only place where you can throw the grapple seeds. If you throw it on the rocky wall the grapple point will not grow. So if you want to climb up spot the purple circle type plants on the wall and throw seeds on it. Aim high and after a few seconds, the grapple point will appear.

After placing the seed you can climb and stay in that position, do not worry you will not fall. You can plant multiple seeds one after the another and easily climb on top of mountains in Journey to the Savage Planet.

The next upgrade is Advance Proton Tether that will allow you to get yourself magnetically attached to a rail and cover longer distances. To unlock the Grapple Upgrade the game you will have to complete 4Th Best Detective Mission.