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How to Find the Alien Alloy in Journey to the Savage Planet

Unlock more blueprints

In the main mission Fix Upper of Journey to the Savage Planet, you will have to locate alien alloy. Here are tips on how to find an alien alloy in Journey to the Savage Planet. It is a marble shape object guarded by lizard-like creatures who will attack you on-site. So before you follow the marker that leads you to Tranquil Crevasse of Tranquility where you will have to deal with Meat Vortex, your next location is a lake that has the alloy placed on a huge flower. Here is what you have to do to find Alien Alloy in Journey to the Savage Planet.

How to locate Alien Alloy in Journey to the Savage Planet

You cannot reach Tranquil Crevasse of Tranquility without unlocking Jump Thrusters, this is the place where you have to feed a Pufferbird to a Meat Vortex to unlock the path. After doing that continue walking towards the Fast Travel point building, and you will have to feed two more Meat Vortex. If you are unable to find Grob, you can directly kick a Pufferbird towards the plant and it will suck it in.

Do not forget to activate your second fast travel point. Follow the Fix Upper mission objective marker and it will lead you to the lake. This place is guarded by three lizard-like creatures who will attack you on-site. This is where Jump Thrusters place a big role in dodging their attack. They will roll in full speed towards you smashing hard, you can dodge sideways to avoid it.

The only vulnerable part is the glowing tail, so you have to avoid shooting on the head or body. The creature will attack and stop for a while revealing their tails. Keep shooting, after a few try you can kill them all. The only pattern to complete this level is to dodge and shoot the tails. There are Health potions around if you are too low grab a few to restore the health bar. Creatures will drop Aluminium.

There is a yellow loot crate with Alien Alloy. Grab both and use the Fast Travel point to return to the Javelin. Deposit the alloy and you will unlock new blueprints for gears, items and weapon upgrades.