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How to deal with Meat Vortex in Journey to the Savage Planet

Unlock new paths

Meat Vortex is a massive plant with rotating fan-like teeth in the center. If you go near to the plant in Journey to the Savage Planet, it will suck you in and kill you. It will also block your way with its thick root, so to unlock the path here is what you have to do. You will need Grob the bait that used to lure alien creatures and using it you can unlock doors very easily.


What to do with  Meat Vortex in Journey to the Savage Planet

Always carry a Grob near the meat vortex and throw it right in the front. You will see Pufferbird’s are lure towards it and the Meat Vortex consume it. Pufferbirds will satiate the plant’s hunger and it will pull back its root unlocking new paths.

Journey to the Savage Planet Meat Vortex

The good thing is there will be a bait container always around the vortex. Avoid going much near, maintain a distance and throw the grob outside and the Pufferbirds will lure towards the plant. It will consume it, burp and pull its roots allowing you to pass.

Grob containers are the only bait Pufferbirds follow if there is nothing around then just kick the birds towards the Meat Vortex and that will do the job.

This is one of the traps in Journey to the Savage Planet, and there are more to come. It is necessary to gear up and keep on unlocking new upgrades for your weapons. You can read our Journey to the Savage Planet beginners guide to learn more about the game if you had just started playing it.



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