Monopoly Go Invite Button Greyed Out

Don't know why the Monopoly Go Invite button greyed out? Here is all you need to know about the problem and its possible fixes.

Can’t invite friends because your Monopoly Go Invite button is greyed out? This has happened with lots of players. Inviting and having your friends join the game, gives you some rewards like Dice Rolls. And friends are needed for x50 Community Chest. So you might be finding it really troublesome. Now this is not exactly an issue, there is a reason why you are seeing it. And there is also a way to use this mechanism. Keep reading and learn why the button greyed out and what you can do to invite friends.

Why is the Monopoly Go Invite Button Greyed Out? How to Fix

Why is the Monopoly Go Invite Button Greyed Out

The invite feature at the time of writing is only available for iOS and Android systems. The greyed-out invite button of Monopoly Go is seen in other operating systems of tablet and mobile models. So the only way to invite friends is by switching the device. You can use any alternate Android and iOS device to invite them while keeping the game on the tablet. Transfer your progress to another device with any of the systems and share the link with them. Once they have used the link and joined, claim the reward and switch back to the device you were using.

If you are using Android or iOS and still your Monopoly Go Invite button greyed out, you can try these possible fixes.

  • Check for update: If there is any problem within the game, then developers might have already addressed it. And would be investigating or resolved it. So first, check for the updates. Fixes are rolled with them.
  • Uninstall and reinstall: Clear your game cache and then restart it. If it’s still not fixed, uninstall the app and reinstall it. But before doing that make sure you have saved your progress.
  • Contact Customer Support: You can contact and file the complaint from the Customer Service option of Settings. And you can also connect with the support via the game’s website.

Hopefully, this helped you understand why the Monopoly Go Invite button greyed out and what to do for inviting friends. The game has plenty of interesting mechanisms, events, and tricks, if you are curious, skim through our Monopoly Go guides. And if you are low on cash, learn about the Unlimited Rolls glitch and cheat system.