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How to Use Desert Tiles in Loop Hero?

A tile that can burn anyone in Loop Hero?

Loop Hero is a challenging card-based game, where arrangement matters the most. The arrangement of this card has a direct impact on your play style. You can maximize your strength by placing them properly on the deck. In short, this is your strength and weakness, and also the tile combos can provide some extra benefits. For example, the Loop Hero Desert tile is something you can use in the game. If you have heard about this tile, but never used it, and want to know more about the same then here are the details. There are some issues with using Desert tile in Loop Hero, you have to place it smartly or you will lose your valuable health. So let’s begin with a guide on how to use Loop Hero Desert tile.

Loop hero Desert Tile Guide


Loop Hero Desert Tile Guide

As per the official description, Desert tile can burn everything in its path. This means everything, every creature including you. The tile can reduce the HP of anyone standing on it by 0.5%. So when you’re placing it you have to watch and move. Using Desert tiles is a kind of tricky thing in Loop Hero. When you are on the card’s screen, place it in a way so that more enemies can cross it.

So remember Loop Hero Desert tile lowers Max HP. The problem with this tile is that it also reduces the health of the hero. Which is a kind of a negative effect if ignored. So while playing if you ignore the tile and walk over it will start losing health. With this, I’m also sharing some tips that will help you to survive and beat tougher enemies.


  1. Take time to adjust the cards on the deck. Do the same thing for enemies also, take enough time to place them on the right spot.
  2. Once you place your cards try not to shuffle their locations. This will confuse you can break your defense.
  3. It is not easy to regain HP in Loop Hero. So make sure you keep an eye on your health. Do not get overwhelmed with stats like Vampirism or Desert tile.
  4. Do not die or else you will lose 30% of your resource. It is best to run away instead of dying.
  5. Focus on different combos, some cards can create weird effects.
  6. Keep an eye on your day meter which is on the upper left corner of the screen.
  7. Go to the build menu and build an herbalist hut to unlock the healing potion.
  8. Expand your camp with other channels to unlock new cards and classes.
  9. Avoid the bosses at the start, as I said, it is tough to recover HP and if you die you will lose valuable resources.
  10. Add a smelter to your camp so that you can unlock Arsenal card. This will give you extra gears lot for each class.

Loop hero is a challenging game that demands a lot of trial and error. Many things are experimental in this game, which you will learn while playing. You can go through our Loop Hero Guides section to check out some amazing tips and tricks on it.