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How to use Loop Hero Surveyor Trait?

Regain some Health back while walking on a specific set of tiles.

Look Hero Surveyor Trait is also a special ability. Traits are also called perks, which is kind of a bonus ability that is unlocked as your character levels up. These perks are highly useful when you’re playing this game on tougher missions. In this guide, I’m going to help you with the Loop Hero Surveyor Trait on what actually is this surveyor perk and how to unlock it, as well as how to use it? In fewer words, this perk will allow you to regain HP while walking over the tiles. So this can be an important perk you can have in Loop Hero.

How to get Loop Hero Surveyor Perk?


Loop Hero Surveyor Perk Guide

When you defeat enemies in the game you will learn XP points. With each of these points, you will ever love and unlock some random traits. So earning XP points or experience points is important for which you will have to defeat a lot of enemies. After reaching a certain level, you will unlock one of the three-year random perks in Loop Hero. Surveyor trait is one among those, which will be unlocked later in the game. As per the official description, this trait will help you to reclaim some HP while walking over the tiles.

If you’re confused about how Loop Hero Surveyor Trait Trait works, then read this:


  • 0.5* loop HP for an adjacent roadside tile while passing a tile.

To use this perk you will have to pass roadside tiles. For example, a spider cocoon for a vampire mansion. You will have to first find what exactly roadside tiles are. Only this category of tile will work with the perk. That means when you walk over those times you will get some HP back which is good. I can give you one hint which will help you to identify roadside tiles in Loop Hero. Just look for green and black circle tiles. They are the ones who will help you to use the surveyor perk.

The surveyor perk does not give you a very large amount of HP. Still, you can have a small amount that will be added to your total HP count. It will help you to stay longer in the game. The only challenge is to find the right tiles. So this is how the Loop Hero surveyor perk works. It is necessary to focus on different perks also which are like passive abilities. Most of them will be unlocked while playing the game while some special abilities are unlocked after defeating bosses.


Some abilities will help you to auto-heal while some will help you to cause more damage. Every boss in Loop Hero has five traits. Among them, only three will be unlocked and the remaining two will be available in the last chapter. So using these perks can be sometimes confusing, also they are class-specific. For example, if you’re playing warrior you will get a different set of traits. The same goes for Rogue and Necromancer. With this, the game also has common traits which are available for all the classes.

Now you can understand what actually Loop Hero surveyor trait is. With this, what are the available abilities, but different classes? Do not forget to go through our Loop Hero Wiki guide to know more.