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How To Make Half Door Or Small Gate In Valheim?

Follow this guide to know how to make Half Door or Small Gate

Valheim allows players to go out and enjoy the Viking lifestyle. However, being a role-playing simulator it also has a focus on character health and wellbeing. This also allows players to take part in traditional activities such as Crafting Weapons and Construction. A player can even build their own shelter in the game in a way they see fit. This allows for some creative input and design ideas with the game giving players a lot of custom elements such as half doors. This guide tells you all you need to know about how to make Half Doors and Small Gates in Valheim.

Making A Half Door And Small Gate

Make half door or small gate in Valheim.
Follow this guide to make Half door and Small Gate in Valheim.

Valheim places a lot of importance on customization and individuality. This can be seen in the variety of construction combinations possible. Players can build houses, upgrade workbenches and tools and even go so far as to build their own castles. You can even have a separate pier where you can dock that fancy new longship.

Now there are various varieties of walls available. One such type is the Half Wall which is useful in construction. The Half Wall is also called Small Gate. The main component to build a wall is wood which can easily be obtained by cutting down trees.

There are different types of Wood available in the game such as Fine Wood, Core Wood, and even Ancient Wood. You can get different types of wood depending on the Biome that you are in. You can cut down large quantities of wood and move them around in your cart.

How to Build

  • Add half wall on the side you want the door to be on if you are using the floor or just add the half wall on the ground.
  • Then you add the wooden foundation to the upper side of the half wall. It will snap on it if you aim it right.
  • Then aim the door at the half-wall below the foundation and it will snap inside and make it half door.
  • Destroy the foundation and enjoy your cute and new little door.

This is all you need to know about how to build a Half Door or Small Gate in Valheim. Also, look at our new Valheim Wiki Guide.