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How To Get Clay In Stranded Deep

Where to find Clay in Stranded Deep? Get all your answers in this guide.

Crafting is an important part of this survival game and Clay will come in really handy. You can craft clay bricks as well as a clay bottle with it. Now, if you want to know how to get Clay in Stranded Deep, here’s a guide that explains the process to you. You have to go to a specific type of location to find Clay and then start mining to collect it.

How to Get Clay in Stranded Deep


You can find Clay rocks underwater so go ahead and dive in. Once you see a Minable resource that looks like a big brown rock, that’s the clay rock. Use your Refined Pick or Pickaxe to hit the rock multiple times until you get clay from it. The last thing to do is to collect the Clay that appears.

How to Use Clay

You can use Clay as an ingredient in various crafting recipes. Check them out below.

Clay Brick

  • 2 Clay
  • 1 Brick Station
  • 1 Furnace

Fuel Still

  • 1 Jerrycan
  • 2 Lashing
  • 4 Stick
  • 2 Planks
  • 2 Clay
  • 1 Fire Pit


  • 2 Lashing
  • 3 Stick
  • 6 Clay

Brick Station

  • 3 Clay
  • 3 Planks

Water Bottle

  • 1 Lashing
  • 2 Clay
  • 1 Furnace

With the help of the Clay Water bottle, you can store water and luckily, it holds 5 servings of water. You can use it to drink but it is mainly used to farm plots. In case you are looking for an item that helps you store a small amount of water, you need the Coconut Flask which is easy to make.

Apart from this, you can also craft Clay Bricks that will help you build various structures. So, as you can tell, finding clay is very crucial in this game. Don’t spend time looking for it in drier areas because you will only find it underwater.

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