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How To Quickly Make Fuel In Stranded Deep

Fuel in Stranded Deep is an important resource that you need for exploration, hunting and other things. Check how to get more fuel

Fuel is an important part of survival in Stranded Deep and you will need a ton of fuel when you need to operate your machines to explore or hunt. Making fuel can be a bit confusing, but worry not, as all you have to do is read the rest of this guide and you will be making fuel instantly.

How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep


You will require at least 4 potatoes, fuel still and a campfire to make fuel still. Once you have all the above items, you will be able to make it by first building a campfire, once you have that going, build a fire still on top of it, and after you’re done making the fire still you can add mashed potato to it. Each potato added will give you a quarter of. Having 4 potatoes will ensure that you have full still.

how to make fuel in stranded deep

It is extremely important that you start off your potato plantation early on in the game. You will need about 5-6 Potato Farm so that you never run out when needed the most. You will also need a Jerrycan to hold the fuel, you can find it around but it often takes a bit of time.


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You will require it to run your Gyrocopter and raft motor, these things consume most of your fuel but also enable you to explore more and check out other resources that can help you survive.

Stranded Deep puts you in a harrowing experience of being left alone and having to fend for yourself, you will need to gather resources and make sure that you stay alive as much as possible.


This is all there is to know about how to make fuel in Stranded Deep. If there’s anything more you wish to know you can check out Stranded Deep Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.