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How To Make A Tanning Rack In Stranded Deep

A Tanning Rack is an important early game item that you must have in Stranded Deep.

Tanning Rack in Stranded Deep will help you create leather which you can further fashion into creating different things. While the game does not specify how to make a tanning rack it can get a bit confusing at times. If you want to know how to craft a tanning rack, check this guide out.

How to Make a Tanning Rack In Stranded Deep

To make a tanning rack in Stranded Deep you will need 4 Lashings and 4 Sticks. Once you have these items, you can simply navigate through your crafting menu and you will see an option to build it there.

how to use tanning rack in stranded deep

You can craft a Lashing with 4 Fibrous Leaves. You will get one Fibrous Leaf from a palm sapling and six from a yucca tree if you hit it with your tool until it breaks. Since the saplings and trees can grow again, this becomes a renewable material.

In terms of Sticks, you can find wooden sticks on the islands when you explore. Either you can grab those that are laying around or you can cut Wooden logs with your cutting tool to get sticks. You can also cut Driftwood Piles which will give you 7 Wood Sticks. Use a Crude Axe to get this done.

If you consume all the source of wood sticks on your island, you will have to visit other islands to get some more.

Once you have created it, all you have to do is stand next to it and equip leather in your hand, after this open up your crafting menu, head over to tools and you will see the option to craft a piece of leather.

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Leather in Stranded Deep is of prime importance and as you level up and explore the game, it becomes one of the key items that you’re going to need very often. Using the tanning rack is simple but to do that you’re going to need animal hide.

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The only way to get rawhides or animal hides in Stranded Deep is by looking for animals and taking them down. If you’re looking for a specific piece of animal hide, you’re going to have to hunt the same animal down, or else you can just take down as many animals as possible.

This is all there is to know about how to use a tanning rack in Stranded Deep. Make sure to check out more guides on Stranded Deep right here on Gamer Tweak.