How To Get A Coconut Flask In Stranded Deep

How to Create a Coconut Flask in Stranded Deep? Find out here.

Things are quite tough in the world of Stranded Deep because a lot can go wrong. If you want to survive, water is crucial of course, but how do you take it with you when you want to travel? Well, to store the water, you need a coconut flask. In this guide, we will explain how to make a Coconut Flask in Stranded Deep so that you can carry it along with you and consume water when you want. Plus it has another use as well.

Stranded Deep: How To Make a Coconut Flask


In order to craft a Coconut Flask for yourself, you need the following items:

  • 1 Lashing
  • 1 Coconut

Make sure that the Coconut is in the same condition you found it in, don’t cut it or open it because then this crafting recipe won’t work. To get the Lashing, you need to get four fibrous leaves and craft it.

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Once you have the required items, create a Coconut Flask by opening up the Crafting Menu and heading to the Consumables section. It is the menu where you will also find the Antidote, Sunblock and more. With the Flask in hand, you can easily drink the water that’s inside it and refill it with clean water from a Water Still. This water will be safe for you to drink and carry around while you are traveling around. It can come in real handy as a water storage device.

Further ahead, you will get more options to store more water in like the Clay water Bottle but the Coconut Flask is easy and quick to craft. It has another use and that is to water the crops which will help you with food. So it quenches your thirst and waters farm plots – pretty useful!

That’s all you need to know about how to craft a Coconut Flask in Stranded Deep. We’ve got lots more gaming guides on Gamer Tweak on more survival games so make sure to check those out as well.