Tips To Cure Poison In Stranded Deep

To survive in Stranded Deep, you will need to learn how to cure poison. Here’s the easiest way to cure poisoning in Stranded Deep.

You can get stung and beaten by various creatures in the survival game Stranded Deep. This can poison you and deplete your health quickly. Hence, you need to find a cure to poison in Stranded Deep to solve the issue and survive. If you don’t know how to do that, you are in the right place as we will be discussing the very same thing in this guide. But before getting into how to cure the poison, let’s find out what creatures can poison you.

Stranded Deep: What Creatures can Poison You?

You can get poisoned by being beaten or stepping on certain creatures. Here’s a list of all the animals that can poison you.

  • Sea Snakes (Bite)
  • Night Snakes (Bite)
  • Lion Fish (Bite)
  • Sea Urchin (Stepping on them)
  • Purple Crown of Thorns Starfish (Stepping on them)

So now you know what you need to avoid to prevent being poisoned. However, if accidentally poisoned, you will require to cure it quickly.

Stranded Deep: How to Get Rid of Poisoning?

stranded deep creatures with poison

You can easily cure poisoning in Stranded Deep by crafting an antidote to the poison. Now, to craft the antidote, you will require two ingredients or things:

Stranded Deep Cure Poison

  • Coconut Flask
  • Pipi Plant

Stranded Deep Cure Poison

First, you will have to craft a coconut flask. You will get it by crafting it with the help of one coconut and one lashing. On the other hand, finding Pipi plants is a challenge. They are very small plants that are easily missable. Hence, you will have to explore it thoroughly to get it. You will find them on the shoreline.
Once you have both the items, simply use them to craft the antidote to the poison and you will be good to survive any attack from all the animals who can poison you.

That’s how you cure poison in Stranded Deep. While here, ensure reading our guides on how to regenerate health, and get water in Stranded Deep.