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Stranded Deep: How To Get Water (With & Without Coconuts)

Here's a quick guide covering multiple ways to get water in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep is a popular survival video game released in April last year. Developed by Beam Team Games, Stranded Deep is all about a plan crash survivors struggling to manage their hunger and thirst levels in the Pacific Ocean. There are multiple ways to keep yourself alive and hydrated in Stranded Deep. There are tons of players who have been having trouble getting water in Stranded Deep and if that’s you then look no further as we have mentioned a couple of methods to do so.


How to Get Water in Stranded Deep


There is a number of ways to get water in Stranded Deep but the easiest one is to get through the Coconut. Finding Coconuts in the Pacific Ocean is quite easy. To drink water, you simply need to grab Coconuts and hit them once. If you hit them twice, it will be broken into two pieces, making it easier for you to eat.


The best thing about Coconuts in Stranded Deep is they don’t go rotten and players can collect a large number of Coconuts to quench their thirst for days.

Quwawa Berries

The second method that you can use to survive in the Pacific Ocean is to eat Quwawa berries. Upon eating Quwawa berries, it will refill not only hunger but also thirst level in Stranded Deep. Unlike Coconuts, you can’t stockpile Quwawa berries for days because they get spoiled quickly.


Water Still

The Water Still is regarded as the best way for creating a more sustainable source of water in Stranded Deep. To craft it, players will need to have one lashing, three rocks and one tarp. Once crafted, the Water Still can be able to hold up to five drinks of water.

If you wish to store water and carry it throughout your journey then you can do so by creating a Coconut flask. To get the basic Coconut Flask, you will need one Lashing and one Coconut, which can easily be found in the Pacific Ocean.


That’s all you need to know about how to get Water in Stranded Deep. While here, you can check out other gaming guides on Gamer Tweak on more survival games.