Valheim: Where To Farm Blood Bags (Leeches Location)

Here's where to find Leeches and farm Bloodbags easily.

Bloodbag in Valheim is an item which is a material you will need to craft Blood pudding as well as Frost resistance and Medium healing Mead bases. You can also build a Red Banner with the help of 1 Bloodbag, 2 Fine wood and 6 Leather scraps. For multiple purposes, you will need to know how to farm Blood bags in Valheim fast. Look no further, because we will show you how to get this material right here.

How to Farm Bloodbags in Valheim Fast?

You can get Blood bags in Valheim from Leeches present in the Swamp biome which is where you can farm them as well. To get them even more quickly, you can set up a house near the Swamp and build a structure that goes towards the water. This will keep you safe from the bite of the Leeches while also giving you ample opportunity to shoot them from above.

how to get bloodbags in valheim fast

Note that Leeches give you the Poison debuff and are restricted to water. So go ahead and locate any water bodies in the Swamp and the Leeches will be present there. You can look for circle-shaped ripples to know that you can find leeches (the creepy looking worms) under them. After you spot them, all you need to do is bring out your bow. Shoot the leeches from a distance and then get into the water to pick up the bloodbags in Valheim. The drop rate is 100% in this case.

Since the Leeches can poison you, you need to keep the Poison Resistance Mead handy. This will greatly help you when you head out to the Swamp areas because being poisoned is no fun.

That’s all about how to farm bloodbags in Valheim fast. Get safely close to a few Leeches and grab a lot of Bloodbags. Be careful while you are doing it though and come prepared with the necessary items.

If you want to speed up the process, you can use the Valheim item spawn console command to make it happen. It is spawn Bloodbag. Check out our linked guide to know how to use it correctly.

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