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How To Catch Froakie In Pokemon Go

Here's how to catch Froakie in Pokemon Go. This Kalos region Pokemon evolves into Greninja which is quite powerful.

Pokemon GO’s Kalos update brings a host of new additions and challenges and Froakie is one of them too. If you are curious to know how to catch Froakie in Pokemon Go, don’t forget to check this guide until the end. It’s a pretty cool Pokemon that evolves to Greninja so here’s how to catch it.

Pokemon Go: How do I Catch a Froakie?


You can find Froakie in Pokemon Go in the wild and since it’s a water-type, you will see it in regions having water like lakes, rivers, beaches etc. It can also be hatched from a 5km egg and by trading Pokemon with a friend.

So, while there is no specific place you can head to, you can make your search easier by looking for it near regions having water bodies. In case it’s raining during your search, even better because there’s a higher chance of a Froakie spawn. If you fulfill both of these conditions, you will be able to catch Froakie in Pokemon Go in no time.

Since 5km eggs will also hatch this Pokemon, you can hatch more of them. You may also get other Kalos Pokemon like Fennekin and Chespin from these eggs so to increase your odds, hatch as many eggs as possible.

If you have friends in the game who are near (under 100 meters) and are at level 10 or higher, you can trade Pokemon with them. But if that’s not happening, then the aforementioned options are the only ways to capture a Froakie.

That’s all about how to catch a Froakie in Pokemon Go. Once you catch it, you can evolve it to Greninja which has a max CP of 2654. Interested to capture more Pokemon? Then find out what is a Fletchling in Pokemon Go, how to catch it and how to evolve it into more powerful forms. There’s even more info right here on Gamer Tweak like the trick to use to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day, unlock a special Gyarados Hat, catch Espurr and everything about XL candy.