What Is A Fletchling In Pokemon Go & How To Catch It

Wondering what is a Fletchling in Pokemon Go and how to capture it? Also, how to evolve it? Find out here.

Pokemon Go’s new Kalos update has brought along a lot of new things. Fletchling in Pokemon Go is one of them and many players are wondering – what is a Fletchling and how to catch it? Is there a shiny version and how to evolve Fletchling to higher level Pokemon? In this guide, we’ll give you more information about all of this.

Pokemon Go: What is a Fletchling & How to Catch it?


You can catch Fletchling in Pokemon Go via the Kalos celebration event by exploring the wild or by hatching 2km eggs. You will find it frequently so it won’t be tough to capture a Fletchling. If you complete a Field Research task during this event called ‘catch five Flying-types’, you can encounter Fletchling as well. Plus, there’s a chance you can find Shiny Fletchling too!

Fletchling in Pokemon Go is a Normal and Flying type bird that was originally discovered in Kalos region (Gen 6). Part of the Fletchling family are Fletchinder and Talonflame which it evolves into. Both Pokemon that it evolves into are Fire and Flying types.

Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder and Talonflame

As Fletchling, it has a max CP of 800 while its attack is 95, defense is 80 and stamina is 128. It’s weak to Electric, Rock and Ice but resistant to Bug, Grass, Ghost and Ground types. But if you evolve it into Talonflame, you can get a max CP of 2205, attack of 176, defense of 155 and stamina of 186. This is what makes this bird special.

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Fletchling best moves:

  • Peck
  • Aerial Ace

Fletchinder best moves:

  • Steel Wing
  • Heat Wave

Talonflames best moves:

  • Fire Spin
  • Brave Bird

How to Evolve Fletchling to Flechinder and Talonflame?

You must obtain 25 Fletchling Candy to go from Fletchling to Fletchinder and 100 more of them to go from Fletchinder to Talonflame.

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