Pokemon Go XL Candy Guide: How To Get, Use, What It Does, & More

Get to know everything about XL candy.

XL candy is a recent introduction in Pokemon Go along with Pokemon Go’s Beyond update. Since it is a new concept, there are numerous questions arising around the XL candies, and we are here to answer all of them. In this Pokemon Go XL candy guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know about XL candies.

Pokemon Go XL Candy Guide

This Pokemon Go XL candy guide will walk you through:

  • What are XL candies
  • How to get XL candies
  • How to use XL candies
  • XL candies and stardust are required to level up beyond level 40

so without wasting much time, let’s delve deep into this XL candies guide.

What are XL candies and How Do They Work in Pokemon Go?

XL candies are similar to normal candies in Pokemon except that they are used only to level up beyond the previous max level cap. To power up your Pokemon until the previous max cap, i.e, level 40, you required Stardust and candy. But now, to upgrade your Pokemon beyond level 40, you need Stardust and XL candies.

If you are not at level 40 yet, there’s nothing to worry about XL candies as they will drop only after being at level 40 and above. So the first thing that you need to focus on is to hit the previous max cap. Once you are at level 40, there are multiple ways to get and use XL candies in Pokemon Go.

How to Get XL Candies in Pokemon Go

There are multiple methods to get XL candies; however, each way has a random chance of dropping XL candy. So basically, there are only a few certain ways to get XL candies in Pokemon Go. Here are all the different ways through which you can get XL candies.

what is xl candy, how to use, how to get in pokemon go

  • Catch a Pokemon
  • Catch a raid boss
  • Trade a Pokemon
  • Hatch a Pokemon
  • Transfer a Pokemon
  • Exchange regular candy
  • Evolve a Pokemon
  • Feed a Pokemon at a Gym

Catch a Pokemon or Raid Boss to earn XL candies

Catching a Pokemon or raid boss can grant you anywhere between 0 to 3 XL candies. Capturing a shiny or legendary Pokemon does not influence the number of XL candies dropped. So it does not matter what Pokemon you catch, you will randomly receive any number of XL candies.

Trade a Pokemon to get XL candies

Trading your Pokemon with other trainers can get you a single XL candy, regardless of their trainer level. If you are at a trainer level of more than 40, and the other trainer is less than that, you will still receive an XL candy.

Hatch a Pokemon to earn XL candies

The amount of XL candies you receive by hatching a Pokemon varies largely depending on the Kms of the eggs. Here’s a list of the amount of XL candies that you get for hatching different eggs.

Eggs XL Candies
2Km 0
5Km 16
7Km 0
10Km 24

Transfer a Pokemon to get XL candies

You can get a single or multiple XL candy depnding on the amount of Pokemon you transfer. Transferring a single Pokemon may or may not give you one XL candy randomly, and mass transfering will give you multiple XL candies.

Exchange regular candies to obtain XL candies

You can even exchange the normal candies, if you have them in excess, to get XL candies. 100 regular candies will get you one XL candy. This is not an efficient way of getting XL candies, but it can prove to be useful during some event time. For instance, the recently finished Eevee community day would have made you a huge amount of Eevee candies. You can use those to get XL candies in return.

Apart from the listed methods, you might recieve XL candies by evolving Pokemon or feeding them at a gym. Similar to the other methods, the amount of XL candies you get for evolving and feeding Pokemon is random.

How to Use XL Candies in Pokemon Go?

XL candies as mentioned before are used to upgrade your Pokemon and Trainer level from 40 to 55. They are just like a replacement of regular candies in the new Pokemon Go Beyond update. Use the different ways to stock up on XL candies and then use them to upgrade your Pokemon and make them even stronger to win all the PvP battles.

How many XL candies and stardust are required to level up beyond level 40?

PokéMiners have came up with a list of XL candies and Stardust required to level up Pokemon beyond level 40. It is certainly very expensive as you go up on the level list. One very important thing to note here is that to increase a single level, you will require two powerups. This makes it even more challenging to reach the new max power level in Pokemon Go. Here’s the infographic that PokéMiners have shared on their website.

pokemon go beyond update upgrade list

That’s the end of our Pokemon GO XL candy guide. We hope that this guide would have cleared up your doubts about what are XL candies, how to get them, how to use them, and how many are required to level up Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Apart from just EXP, leveling up from 40 till 50 also requires you to complete research tasks. Ensure reading our guide on how to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day to upgrade from level 41 to 42. While here, also consider reading about how to catch Espurr and Legendary Pokemon Lugia.