How To Catch Espurr In Pokemon Go?

Here's everything that is known about Espurr in Pokemon Go.

Espurr in Pokemon Go has finally been added. This Gen 6 Pokemon was teased as a mysterious egg and now it has been revealed that this Psychic-type Pokemon is a one star raid egg. Now, if you are wondering how to catch Espurr in Pokemon Go, this guide will explain it to you.

Espurr Pokemon Go: How to Catch it?

Since it is a one-star raid, you can battle Espurr yourself and catch it by getting into a tier 1 Raid Battle. That’s pretty much all you have to do to catch Espurr in Pokemon Go. To get the Raid Battle, simply check your notifications and participate in one to get this Gen 6 Pokemon.

Can Espurr Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

Dataminers (Pokeminers) have revealed that a shiny Espurr in Pokemon Go asset is present but we are not sure when it will be available in the game. Here’s what the dataminers have found:

It is possible that the Shiny Espurr will be added for a future release or event because players haven’t really reported any findings. When a Pokemon first releases, usually the shiny version of it doesn’t release at that time. Let’s wait and watch!

Here’s how Niantic Teased Espurr

Before its release, Niantic released a teaser which indicated that a Psychic-type Pokemon is going to be revealed and as you can see in the tweet below, the number 677 is shown behind a plane in the sky.

Why 677? Because National Pokedex 677 is Espurr. All the signs definitely pointed towards it and that’s exactly what happened. Plus, Espurr was originally found in the Kalos region too!

When the Raid egg was revealed, trainers immediately guessed that it could be Espurr which evolves into Meowstic (Male), Meowstic (Female). Espurr is basically a gray colored furry Pokemon and under its ears, you will find organs which are the source of its psychic powers. If it weren’t for those folded ears, the immense psychic power would leak out! This Pokemon is quite powerful because it can make a blast radius of 300 feet.

Note that Espurr is vulnerable to Bug, Ghost and Dark moves and resistant to Fighting and Psychic. Moreover, its quick moves are Scratch and Confusion while main moves are Psyshock, Psychic and Energy Ball.

So, that’s all about how to catch Espurr in Pokemon Go and information about Shiny Espurr. If you want to know some more tips and tricks for other Pokemon, go ahead and check our Pokemon Go guides on Gamer Tweak right away!