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How To Catch 200 Pokemon In A Single Day In Pokemon Go

Reach trainer level 41 with ease.

The all-new update for Pokemon Go is here that allows you to go beyond the previous max level cap of 40 and reach up to level 50. Yes, trainer level 50 is the new max cap in Pokemon Go. But there’s something more to it. Unlike previous updates, you cannot solely rely on EXP to increase the level. Along with the EXP, you will also have to complete a few tasks to reach the next level. The task that you need to complete to head up to trainer level 41 requires you to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day, and that’s too much. So how are you going to complete the task? We are here to give you the answer for the same. In this guide, we will discuss how to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: How to Catch 200 Pokemon in a Single Day


The key to catching 200 Pokemon in a single day is by using incense on yourself and lures on PokeStops. Those two are the best ways to attract Pokemon to yourself; instead, of going to and fro to find them. The first thing that you want to ensure here is that you have a plethora of Poke Balls to catch 200 Pokemon.

The incense will attract Pokemon to you, regardless of the area where you are. This will help you catch a lot many Pokemon without wasting too much time roaming around to look for them. On the other hand, when you lure the PokeStop it will attract the Pokemon to it. However, using lures on PokeStop requires some thinking before you use them.

catch 200 pokemon in a single day in pokemon go


You need to find a PokeStop that is close to your current location and where you can spend a lot of time without disturbing the others around. Unlike incense, lures can last longer, which means that you can catch more Pokemon if you can stay there for a longer period of time.

Those two are the best ways to capture 200 Pokemon in a single day in Pokemon Go. However, before heading out to catch 200 Pokemon, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first thing as already mentioned that you need to have a lot of Poke Balls in your bag. The second thing is to pick a day where you can dedicate as much time as possible from your 24-hour window. Next, consider playing with friends if possible so that they can help you by luring the PokeStops, in case you run out of the lures.

With all those tips and methods, you are good to go out and catch 200 Pokemon in a single day in Pokemon Go. We would recommend reading our Red Eggs guide, while here. It will help you collect more number of Red Eggs to help easily catch 200 Pokemon in a single day. Also, consider reading how to capture Espurr and Lugia in Pokemon Go.