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Pokemon Go Red Eggs Guide – What are they and how to find them?

Something surprising appeared in Pokemon Go. The mysterious red eggs are seen by some users. Want to know what are they?

Niantic is back in news for a new type of Pokemon Egg that surfaced around the web. Trainers want to know more about the new strange eggs also called Red Eggs in Pokemon Go. If you haven’t seen this yet then this article will help you in finding one. As well as you learn what really are these red eggs and what is going to hatch from them. It seems Niantic is all set to release a new event in the coming time, the red eggs had started making their appearance in the game.

Pokemon Go Strange Red Eggs Guide

According to the official blog, different kinds of Pokemons will be hatching from a new strange egg. They hold Poison-type Pokemon, Dark-type Pokemon, and Pokemons which evolved in one of these two types. The official date when you can search for these eggs in the game was October 12, 2020. That was yesterday and now the Red Eggs have been found by some users. If you are struggling to find them in Pokemon Go then keep reading, I will be sharing some tips on finding them.

How to get Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go?

Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader in Pokemon Go and you will earn a Strange Eggs in the game. You will have to walk 12km to hatch it. So getting the egg is one thing, but the procedure to hatch it is a little time-consuming. With the game active you will have to cover a distance of 12 km to finally hatch and find what is inside Strange Eggs. If the Eggs are in incubator one-quarter of the normal walking distance is enough to hatch it.

Empty some space in the inventory before fighting Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo. Strange eggs will remain available in Pokemon Go even after the event. You can keep finding them by fighting with Team Rocket Leaders. Strange Eggs or Red Eggs can reward you with Pokemons like Larvitar, Scraggy, Trubbish, and Vullaby. These are some examples there can be even more unique type Pokemon’s popping out of the strange egg.

As part of the event, Team GO will be using different Shadow Pokemons. Team Go Rocket Leaders will also be using the same type of Pokemon, and if you are lucky enough you can rescue one of them. Team Go can use Diglett, Shellder, Slowpoke, Aerodactyl, and Skarmory. Team Go Rocket Leader can use Shadow Growlithe, Shadow Drowzee, and Shadow Omanyte. If you can beat them out you can rescue one of these and add them to your team.

This ends with Shadow Mewtwo only if you can defeat Giovanni. So this is your chance to start hunting for the Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go. You can unlock amazing shadow pokemon and remember the battle will not be easy.