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What Is The Max Level In Monopoly Go? (How Many Levels)

Curious about Monopoly Go max level? Read this to know how many levels there are in the game.

Have you been playing this game for years but don’t know how many levels there are in Monopoly Go? And that has made you curious about the fact, that is there even an end to this. What is the max level a player can reach? If you are looking for answers to such questions, then you have landed on the right page. Read along to know how its leveling system works and if there is a difference between board and player level. Monopoly Go is a blend of classic board and modern casual games, so one can keep playing yet never get bored. But still, everything has an end, and so should this.

How Monopoly Go Ends and What is the Max Level

How Monopoly Go Ends

There are no official statements or clarifications regarding the levels of Monopoly Go. At the time of writing the max level any player has reached is 25,008 M. Now this might change in months, weeks, or even days. Your levels are the result of your strategy and investment, so the moment you slow down someone else will suppress your rank.

To check how many levels have been cleared in Monopoly Go, you need to check Leaderboard. You can access Leaderboard from the Friends option at the bottom of your main screen. The Leaderboard is separated into three tabs: Global, Locals, and Friends. You have to see the Global rank to know the max level cleared by anyone in Monopoly Go.

Are Player Level and Board Level the Same?

Are Player Level and Board Level the Same?

No, they are not. Player levels are the Net Worth we consider Monopoly Go level. But Board levels are the different boards you unlock by clearing previous ones. They are the locations. At present, there are 126 boards. But developers keep adding new ones, number will increase over time. You can check the board list by tapping on the list icon from the upper right corner of the main screen and selecting Map. Net Worth, which is player level, is affected by the board. If you are wondering how then read the Net Worth guide.

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