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What Are Quick Wins On Monopoly Go? (& How To Complete)

Here is all you need to know about the Quick Wins feature of Monopoly Go.

Are you new to this board game, and don’t know how to find and complete Monopoly Go Quick Wins? Here is all you need to know about this game task. Monopoly Go is filled with useful events and tasks. Many of them give Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, Cash, Tokens, and Stars. You can trade cards, set up houses, and hotels, build structures in France, and increase your Net Worth. The list of activities that you can perform in the game is massive. So read along and learn all you need to know about the Quick Wins.

All About Quick Wins of Monopoly Go

What Is Monopoly Go Quick Wins

Quick Wins are the daily task of the Monopoly Go. You unlock this feature after a certain Net Worth. You can increase your Net Worth using our guide. Once you have unlocked the Quick Wins, you can use the Wins button at the bottom left part of your screen. The window will say Today’s Quick Wins. You will have three tasks for the day. These Monopoly Go Quick Wins tasks can be anything from passing through the Start tile to earning a certain amount of cash.

The task prize is secret, you will see a gift box on the task meter. Once you have completed the task, you will see the Tap to Claim button, like the picture. Tap on it and claim the rewards. Apart from the gift box rewards, you also receive the right-tick tokens from these Quick Wins tasks of Monopoly Go. These right-tick tokens contribute towards the weekly prizes. You will see the Weekly Prize bar at the bottom of the Quick Wins window. You will get some Sticker packs and Dice by filling the Weekly bar of Quick Wins.

That’s all about the Quick Wins feature of Monopoly Go. There are several activities to complete for similar prizes, so check our Monopoly Go guides and use them. You can start by learning about Active Friend Bonus and Wheel Boost.