How To Get Home in New Atlantis – Starfield House Buying Guide

You can own a house in Starfield New Atlantis city. Here is how to buy a Lodge, Apartment of Penthouse.

Plan to stay in New Atlantis for a longer period in Starfield, then it is logical to have your house in the city. This guide will help you with all property buying options available in the New Atlantis city. What are housing costs and how to buy them? Also important info about what happens to your home in New Game Plus.

How To Buy a Home in New Atlantis?

Starfield Penthouse buying Guide

Atlantis is the capital of Jemison, located in the Alpha Centauri system. Your visit will be constant in this start system during the initial stages of the game. As you explore the city for resources and side quests, there is one more thing to do. Buy a good house and settle down for a while. You can buy apartments, penthouses, shipping containers, etc. You can buy around 5 different houses in the New Atlantis city or nearby locations. Two of them are available for free.

  1. Mercury Tower Penthouse – Free
  2. Childhood Bedroom – Free
  3. Sky Suite (Neon) – 235000 Credits.
  4. Well, Apartment (Neon) – 30000 Credits.
  5. Sleepcrate (Neon) – 6500 Credits.

Talk to Boone the bartender in Astral Lounge to buy Sky Suite penthouse. It is the most expensive house in Starfield. Sleepcrate is cheap, to buy this house you will have to talk to Izna in Neon City. It is a tiny cabinet-type apartment with a single bed. Well apartment is located in Neon City, and to buy this you will have to visit the Aphelion Realty office.

You cannot buy a house if you are not a citizen of New Atlantis. To become a citizen join the UC Vanguard and become a member. You can find the commander in the Mast Building. To buy a house board the train and go to Commercial District. Visit Aphelion Realty.

How to reach the Aphelion Realty office?

Starfield Buy House Guide

After dropping off the train take the road on the right of Terrabrew Coffee. Follow the road toward the Embassy District sign-board and turn left from there and the office is on the left end.


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How to stay for free in New Atlantis?

Pioneer Tower, New Atlantis

There is a way to get a free house in Starfield. That is at your parent’s house, you can sleep in your childhood bedroom. For this, you will have to locate Pioneer Tower in the New Atlantis city. Just talk into your house, say to dad and mom, and take a nap.

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How to get a free Penthouse in New Atlantis?

Want a bigger house then you can grab an opportunity to buy a Mercury Tower Penthouse for free. It is located in the New Atlantis city. For this go to the UC Vanguard office, talk to Commander Tuala, and agree to join the Vanguard. Play all UC Vanguard quests after taking the oath and you will unlock the Mercury Penthouse for free in Starfield.

So this was all about buying houses in Starfield. If you are not interested in spending your credits then going for Mercury Penthouse is a wise choice. UC Vanguard’s quests are long but worth spending time if you can complete them early in the game.

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