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Starfield: How To Get To Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri System has 4 Planets and 8 Moons. If you are unable to fast travel to this star system then here is a fix.

Alpha Centauri Star System is a Level 5 System in Starfield. With over 4 Planets and 8 Moons, this Star System houses some of the important locations that you will visit in your main quest. Planets like Jemison, Bondar, Olivas, etc. are in this start system. There is a kind of bug that prevents players to fast travel to the Alpha Centauri Star System. This guide will help you in fixing the problem.

Alpha Centauri Fast Tavel Not Working Fix

Starfield Alpha Centauri Fast Travel

When trying to land on any Planet or Moon in the Alpha Centauri star system your ship will be scanned for contraband. This means any illegal object or item on your ship. It is best to sell off all contraband and then plan your route to the star system. But if this into the case then here is a second fix for the Alpha Centauri Fast Tavel not working issue.

  1. Go to Starmap and then press Tab. This takes you to the Galaxy Map.
  2. Select Alpha Centauri and select the Planet or Moon along with the landing location.
  3. If you are using Grav Jump, then make sure you allot max power. Or else your fast travel will be canceled.

If you had changed your ship and sold your old one then get it back. Repair it and then try to enter the Alpha Centauri star system using that. This is a kind of a rare and weird bug that is noticed in some gameplay. Sometimes players are unable to fast travel to Alpha Centauri due to a new ship. But if you are using your old ship that was used before to land on a planet or moon in this star system then it will not give you any issue.

Here are a few more things that might be preventing you from fast travel to Alpha Centauri.

  1. Lot of Cargo in the Ship.
  2. Less Fuel.
  3. Reduce power to Shield, Weapons, Laser, etc., and keep max on Grav Jump.
  4. Check your cargo for illegal items.

It can also be a bug that prevents you from landing on Jemison. For this, you have to restart the game. One more thing you can try is to grav jump to the nearest star system and then try to to Alpha Centauri. It can unblock your path for landing.

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