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How To Defeat Hole Punch Boss In Paper Mario Origami King

Here's the boss fight guide that includes tips to beat the Hole Punch boss in Paper Mario Origami King.

In this boss fight guide, we explain some essential tips and tricks on how to beat the Hole Punch boss in Paper Mario Origami King. This enemy is part of the group of Stationary bosses that you will encounter in this game. Being the final boss in the section of Yellow Streamer, it is not an easy one to beat. But of course, with some tactics and strategies you can take down this Hole Punch boss (the Disco Devil) in the Temple of Shrooms.

How to Easily Beat Hole Punch: Paper Mario Origami King

The thing to remember for this particular boss is that you have to attack its body from behind with a strong hammer. Attacks anywhere else will not have much of an impact.

When the Hole Punch boss gets a lot of damage, it will start charging with a yellow ring around it. At this point, use the Earth Vellumental power to counter it. This will not only protect you from its special move, but it will also turn the Hole Punch upside down. It has now revealed its weaker area and you need to make the most of it by using the dependable 1000 Folded Arms attack.

Note that the Hole Punch boss will punch a hole in your face so you will also have the extra step of picking up that little punched out part. To collect it, all you have to do is step on it. By doing this you will regain your lost HP.

Also, it’s a no brainer, but avoid falling into the holes on the tiles. Simply repeat this whole process and keep lowering your foe’s HP. Eventually, you will beat the Hole Punch Boss in Paper Mario Origami King.

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