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Paper Mario Origami King Tape Boss: How To Beat Easily

In this boss battle guide, find out how to beat the Paper Mario Origami King Tape Boss (The Shifty Sticker). Know the attack of this enemy and tips to defeat it easily.

Yet another stationary boss that you will encounter in Paper Mario: The Origami King is the Tape boss. There are two phases of this boss battle and to defeat it in both phases, you will need some tips to tackle his attacks wisely. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat the Paper Mario Origami King Tape Boss easily.

How to Defeat Tape Boss: Paper Mario Origami King

During the first phase of the battle, you have to make sure that the dispenser of the tape is destroyed. Use a Hammer to attack and keep doing this on all sides of the tape dispenser. Take advantage of the treasure chest and Magic Circles to deal greater damage to the Tape. Avoid Jump attacks because they will be useless in this case. Eventually, you will break the dispenser which will lead you to the second phase of the battle with Paper Mario Origami King Tape Boss.

During Phase two, the Tape will come back with a full health bar and without its purple dispenser. It will use the Roll Out move where it will release little strips of tape on the tiles. This makes your life difficult because you won’t be able to rotate or shift the rings/parts of them. With every turn, it will add more strips. But note that they can be burned off by fire. You already know what it means – summon the Fire Vellumental to do its job.

The Tape boss will also use its Sticky Drill attack which you must block. Also remember that doing the Roll Out move will also lower its HP, so all you have to do is use 1000 Folded Arms and Fire Vellumental correctly to defeat this enemy.


Towards the end of the fight, the ring will glow in yellow color and spin rapidly. The hint here is to burn with fire instead of trying to grab it with 1000 Folded Arms. Use the Fire Vellumental power again to do the needful. You might need to use the 1000 Fold Arms once again after this, so go ahead and do it to defeat the Paper Mario Origami King Tape Boss.

That’s everything you need to know about this stationary enemy. Be sure to read our other boss guides on how to beat the Stapler and how to beat King Olly too.