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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Hellblade Glavenus & Boltreaver Astalos Eggs

Here's how to get Hellblade Glavenus & Boltreaver Astalos Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Hellblade Glavenus egg & Boltreaver Astalos egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are both of the most hunted eggs by Players. If you are looking to how to get these monsties then don’t worry. You came to the right place. Today we will explain in this guide how to get Boltreaver Astalos & Hellblade Glavenus in MHS2.

How to Get Hellblade Glavenus & Boltreaver Astalos Eggs in MHS 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Boltreaver Astalos Egg

To get Boltreaver Astalos & Hellblade Glavenus eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you need to download the free Title Update #2 and complete Co-Op ★8:(Explore) Fire Eggs & Co-Op ★8:(Explore) Thunder Eggs respectively. You can only acquire the eggs of Hellblade Glavenus and Boltreaver Astalos after defeating the quest target. They will be available usually in the last nest.

From the Multiplayer option on Quest Board, you could access special Co-Op expedition quests. To set up your own multiplayer session and invite other players, you’ll need Expedition Tickets. You may also force the expedition to launch by clicking “Start Now” from the Camp Menu, and an AI companion will accompany you.

Additional Co-Op Quests ★9 (Slay) Hellblade Glavenus & ★9 (Slay) Boltreaver Astalos will be available from August 19 2021 for all players.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Hellblade Glavenus Egg

Hellblade Glavenus are Glavenus Deviants with the ability to melt solid rock with their breath. Their tail blades are capable of slicing through rocks like a knife through butter. When they are enraged, they set fire to everything in their path. Their Kinship Skill is XX Blaze.

Boltreaver Astalos are Astalos Deviants that fire electric bolts that are as bluish as the heavens. Their advanced shock shells create electromagnetic rings that capture prey, which almost vanishes amid the sparkling blue streaks. Their Kinship Skill is Astalos Saber.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find Hellblade Glavenus & Boltreaver Astalos Eggs in MH Stories 2. Also, make sure to check out our other MHS 2 Guides like how to get AnjanathPalamuteBottle CapsEarn Zenny Fastrename Monsties & our Multiplayer Guide to know how to unlock both co-ops and versus battles in the game.