Monopoly GO Heartfelt Holidays Release Date & More

Here is all we know about the new album Heartfelt Holidays of Monopoly GO.

With the beginning of December arrives a new album set in Monopoly GO. The new Sticker Album is called Heartfelt Holidays. And it will be replacing the Epic Myths album. So if you haven’t completed all the album sets, do it before it resets. You can use the currently running event Uncharted Adventures and Peg-E Prize Drop to get missing cards. Ranking in the Olympian Odyssey tournament will also give you some Stickers.

Once you are done with those. Exchange the extra Stars and get ready to collect new stickers. Here we have given the release date and time of the reset. And have also given info about the upcoming Sticker album of the Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO New Album Heartfelt Holidays

Monopoly GO New Album Heartfelt Holidays
Image Credit: Monopoly GO Facebook

According to fandom, the Heartfelt Holidays will replace the Epic Myths album. And based on the countdown it will reset on December 01, 2023, at 11 AM PT. There are no official posts regarding what the album would consist of. And neither are there any details about the theme of the new album sets. But there are some sneak peeks and assumptions about the sets.

Based on the rumors and the sets circulating in the Monopoly GO community, it seems like there will be 15 to 17 Sets in it. And from the looks of those stickers they are probably based on Christmas. The Stickers were called Santa’s List, Special Reindeer, Decor Skills, Christmas Gifts, and so on. It is also assumed that there will be fewer Golden Stickers than previous Album Sets. Which will make it easier to complete sets and get their rewards faster.

That’s all we know about the upcoming Heartfelt Holidays album set of the Monopoly GO. For more interesting sneak peeks and events, skim through our Monopoly GO section. We cover everything from the cheat system to ways to get free Dice Rolls.