All Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop Tournament Rewards List

The Peg-E Prize Drop event is back in Monopoly GO and there is an entirely new list of rewards that players can earn. Peg-E is another one of those mini games that we have seen in the game for a while now. Of course, like most events, players will have to participate in the daily events or connected events to collect the necessary tokens and points to enter the tournament.

Players can earn the event rewards from 27th November to 1st December, 2023 till 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Prize Drop returns after a few weeks of sideline and the new rewards are certainly worth it. Although collecting Peg-E tokens will be a little tedious, you will get the rewards for your grind.

All Peg-E Prize Drop Event Rewards in Monopoly GO

How to Get Free Peg-E Tokens for Prize Drop Event
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Here are all the rewards that players can get for the Monopoly GO Peg-E Prize Drop Event once they collect the necessary tokens and points:

  • Cash + 50 Free Dice Rolls + 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
  • 125 Free Dice Rolls
  • 3-Star Gold Pink Sticker Pack
  • 600 Free Dice Rolls
  • 800 Free Dice Rolls
  • Galaxy Sticker Pack (1 Guaranteed New Sticker)
  • 1200 Free Dice Rolls
  • 5-Star Gold Purple Sticker Pack
  • 1400 Free Dice Rolls
  • 2000 Free Dice Rolls

There are more rewards still to be unlocked so make sure you check back here.

How to Get Peg-E Tokens for Prize Drop Event

The best way to get Peg-E chips for the event is by participating in other events like Nessie’s Quest, Bows and Bandits, and more, and collecting the milestone rewards. There will be certain milestones that will rewards these tokens. However, not all of them will so you might want an alternative way.

Players can also purchase Premium Packs that contain Prize Drop Chips. Since they require real money, make sure you check out what the pack has to offer. Also, if you are lucky then you can ear the Peg-E chips from the Prize Drop event itself. Many players have received these tokens while in the event itself.

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