What Happens To Extra Stickers In Monopoly Go?

Have you been wondering what happens to extra Stickers in Monopoly Go and what exactly is Sticker Reset? Completing Album before the reset is something all Monopoly Go players try to achieve. By finishing the Albums you get free Dice Rolls, Cash, and other in-game rewards like Tokens and Shield skins. Cash and Dice Rolls are easily obtainable in comparison to Tokens and Shield skins.

You will rarely get the same Token in other events or Album sets after missing it here. So players tend to collect multiple duplicate Stickers while completing Albums. And since it took so much effort to collect, no one wants them to be gone after reset.

How to Use Extra Stickers in Monopoly Go

How to Use Extra Stickers in Monopoly Go
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Two things can be done with the Extra Stickers. You can either trade Stickers with your friends or you can let them become part of the Stickers for Rewards. Sticker for Rewards is a feature that you will find in the bottom right corner of your Albums. It is a locker with three different levels. Each requires a specific number of Stars to open. These stars are the total of all the extra Stickers Stars you currently have in your albums.

To be more specific, one Sticker of one Star will give one Star and five Stickers of one star will give five Stars. You can check the total number of Stars you have by tapping on the locker icon from the bottom right of Albums.

What is a Sticker Reset?

Stickers reset when the new season starts. When you complete the Album you get a reward instantly, but if you fail to complete it before season end, they will disappear and you’ll have to start collecting new ones. To check when Album and Stickers will reset, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Monopoly Go app.
  • Tap on the Albums from the bottom.
  • On the top, you will see “Time left“. This is the amount of time remaining for the Sticker reset.
  • Above the Time left bar are all the rewards you can get by completing Albums.

Hopefully, this answers what happens to extra Stickers in Monopoly Go and how to check Sticker reset time. If it did, then make sure to check our other Monopoly Go guides. We have covered topics on events and mechanisms like how to fill up the invite bar and how to transfer progress.