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Far Cry 6 HD Texture Pack Not Working Fix For Xbox Series X|S

This is how to check if the HD texture pack was installed correctly or not on your Xbox console.

Facing issues with Far Cry 6 HD Texture Pack not working on your Xbox Series X|S? As per multiple comments by Xbox users on various forums, it seems that the Texture pack is not working due to problems with installation. Here’s how you can get it running and play the game with better graphics.

How to Fix Far Cry 6 Xbox HD Texture Pack Not Working Issue?


The download size for Xbox Series X|S is around 26GB so ensure that you have freed up this amount of hard drive space. Now, some players are saying that it gets downloaded automatically while some don’t get it. It seems that if you have enough space, you get an automatic download. Otherwise, you have to download it manually. If you don’t have it installed yet, follow the steps given below.

  • Highlight Far Cry 6 in Microsoft Game Store on your Xbox.
  • Head to Manage Game and Add -Ons.
  • Find the Far Cry 6 HD Texture Pack.
  • Click on Install.
  • After it’s completed, restart your Xbox console.
  • Launch Far Cry 6.
  • The Far Cry 6 Xbox HD Texture Pack not working issue should be resolved now.

How to Check if FC6 HD Texture Pack installed correctly or not?


Luckily, there is an indication in the game that tells you whether the HD texture pack was installed or not. Simply pause the game and look at the top left section.

how to check if hd texture pack installed far cry 6 xbox series x s ps5
This screenshot is from our PC version of the game but you will see it similarly on your Xbox. If you see HD pack after the game name and version, that means you have it installed. But many players are reporting that despite this, they are getting blurry textures. There’s a workaround for that, and you can check it out in our guide.


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