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Far Cry 6 How To Get Pre Order Bonus & DLC

Here's how to unlock and get the preorder bonuses and DLCs for Far Cry 6.

If you have pre-ordered Far Cry 6 or have purchased special editions, you are eligible to get some pre order bonuses and extra content as DLC respectively. What are they and how to claim them? Will they be accessible as soon as you start the game? This guide will explain everything there is to know.

How to Unlock and Get Pre Order Bonuses and DLC in Far Cry 6?


The Pre-order bonuses for Far Cry 6 won’t be available immediately as you load up the game. You need to complete a mission called The Guerrilla which will give you access to your pre-order bonuses. In the lead up to this mission, you have to complete La Noche de le Muerte, The Lucky One, Juan of a Kind, Du or Die, Fuel the Revolution and Libertad Rises which will take you to The Guerrilla. All of this happens when you continue playing the story so you don’t have to do anything separately to unlock them.

When you get to a new island and you talk to Juan, you will get a notification – Extra Content Now Available! So, all your extra and purchased content is now yours. Visit the Arsenal, Amigos, Rides and Vehicle Pickup menus to access your new content.

What are the Pre order bonuses and DLC packs?


how to unlock far cyr 6 preorder launcher and chorizo outfit

The pre-order bonuses for Far Cry 6 include the Discos Locos disc launcher weapon and the special Libertad Chorizo outfit for your sausage dog amigo.

Far Cry 6 Season Pass Access


  • Vaas: Insanity – a post-game story expansion
  • Pagan: Control – a post-game story expansion
  • Joseph: Collapse – a post-game story expansion
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Classic Edition
  • The Blood Dragon Set:
  • Blood Dragon Gear Set
  • AJM9 weapon
  • Kobracon weapon
  • Omega Enforcer vehicle
  • KillStar weapon charm
  • K-9000 Fang for Hire
  • Bloody Dragon vehicle chibi

Ultimate Pack for Far Cry 6 Content

  • Croc Hunter Pack
  • 45/70 weapon
  • 45/70 Cartridge vehicle accessory
  • Croc Tooth weapon charm
  • The Bushwhacker outfit
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Jungle Expedition Pack
  • Compass weapon charm
  • SBS weapon
  • The Adventurer outfit

Vice Pack Content


  • Champagne – a white panther companion
  • Golden Bullion weapon charm
  • Letter Opener vehicle accessory
  • Skorpion weapon
  • The Miami Strip outfit
  • Convertible vehicle

Far Cry 6 Pre Order Bonuses Not Working?

In case you are not able to access the pre-order bonus for Far Cry 6, close the game and relaunch it. Also check if the bonus packs have been downloaded and installed properly. If nothing else works, contacting Ubisoft support is the only way to solve it.

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