How To Get Chorizo In Far Cry 6 (Location & Missions)

Here's how to find his location & get Chorizo in Far Cry 6. Learn how to unlock the special Libertad skin/outfit. Also - can you pet the dog?

If you are like me, the cute little sausage dog Chorizo must have stolen your heart as soon as you saw him in the trailers. So, how to unlock and get Chorizo in Far Cry 6? Let’s take a look at how you can get this cute companion.

Who is Chorizo?

Chorizo is a Fang for Hire (part of the Amigos) in Far Cry 6 and yes, you can recruit this cutie as your animal companion to assist you during any type of conflict. This is a returning mechanic so Far Cry 5 players will already be familiar with it.

Now, even though Chorizo uses a wheelchair to move around, he can be very, very dangerous. He can use his innocent eyes to distract enemies while you get the job done stealthily. And don’t worry, Chorizo can flip the script and turn to terrifying pretty quick.

Apart from Chorizo (the Dashchund), you can also hire Guapo (Crocodile) or Chicharrón (Rooster) in FC 6. As soon as the game launches, we will share the way to unlock these companions as well!

Far Cry 6 Chorizo Location – Where to Find and Get Chorizo?

far cry 6 chorizo location

As you will see in a cutscene, Chorizo originally belongs to Philly Barzaga, a mechanic. You have to complete some tasks in order to unlock Chorizo as your own pet. Let’s look at what exactly you have to do to get this cutie

You will find Chorizo on Montero Farm. It is located in the Madrugada region. Find Costa Del Mar and zoom into the map to find Mogote Foothills where you will find the location of Montero Farm Guerrilla Camp.

Now, your objective is to complete the missions at Clara’s camp:

  • Du or Die
  • Fire and Fury
  • Fuel the Revolution
  • Libertad Rises

Next, complete these missions at Libertad Islands

  • The Guerilla
  • Collect Croc Meat
  • Meet Philly
  • Save Espada

Head to Costa Del Mar to meet Philly. Ensure that you kill some crocodiles to get croc meat. This is crucial in the steps to unlock Chorizo. You can use melee attacks or ranged attacks to get the kill.

  • Once done, head to Philly’s Magic workshop.
  • Your next goal is to find and save Espada.
  • After you do that, she will take you to Montero Farm. This is when your mission ‘Meet the Monteros’ gets completed.
  • Now, you will see a ‘Who’s a Good Boy’ Yaran story on the map. You have to find a yummy treat for the perfect little sausage and give it to him.
  • Find Chorizo in the area and interact with him. Accept and Track his quest to unlock him.
  • You have to ensure that Chorizo doesn’t get hungry. So, you need to get some croc meat which is his favorite. Plus, you need black beans and rosewater. This is mentioned in a note pasted on a wooden board right next to his little home.
  • Walk up to his food bowl and deliver meat by pressing E. This will complete the Who’s a Good Boy quest.
  • This will lead you to the Fetch quest. Accept and Track it.
  • Now, you have to follow Chorizo because he has something to show you.
  • He will lead to you different locations and start digging. Interact with it and you will get some special rewards.
  • As soon as he is done showing you all of his secret stash, the icon above his head and turns into a paw.
  • That’s it! After completing the Yaran Story Fetch Quest, you will get Chorizo as your own pet and Amigo!

With that out of the way, don’t forget to check out how to unlock Chorizo’s abilities and how to change his appearance as well.

How to Get the Chorizo Libertad Skin/Outfit

how to get libertad skin outfit for chorizo

If you want the Chorizo the Sausage Dog Libertad Skin, you need to pre-order Far Cry 6. That’s all you have to do – you will get this skin as a bonus reward for pre-ordering.

What’s included in the bonus? Well, little Chorizo gets a blue bandana to wear around his neck, a nice collar and wheels with spikes.

Can you Pet the Dog in Far Cry 6?

can you pet the dog in far cry 6

Why yes you can! You can pet Chorizo when the icon above him turns to a ‘paw icon’. This is the indication that he is your pet now and you can cuddle him any time you want. Go ahead and cuddle this good boi for all his hard work and if anyone tries to hurt him, go John Wick on ’em.

As the game releases, we will have more information on Chorizo the sausage dog in Far Cry 6 and I will keep this guide updated. Don’t forget to check out the FC 6 System Requirements while you are here. Last but not least, stay with Gamer Tweak for more FC 6 coverage!