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Far Cry 6 Chicharron Location (Unlock & Get Amigo Pet)

Here's every step you need to complete to unlock and get the amigo/pet Chicharron in Far Cry 6.

Chicharron is a punk rooster that you don’t want to mess with. Ubisoft says that he’s got the ferocity that will help you take down Anton’s soldiers and I can vouch for that. So, if you want this amigo/pet/animal companion to help you in your journey as Dani, here’s how to unlock and get Chicharron in Far Cry 6. Also, know which are the abilities Chicharron can use to level up his fighting game.

How to Unlock & Get Chicharron Amigo in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 chicharron amigo abilities

Follow these steps to get Chicharron, the Rooster amigo companion (and the greatest cockfighter of Yara) in Far Cry 6.

  1. First, talk to Reinaldo Alvarez at Alvarez farm which is located in Vacia Coast.
  2. The Yaran Stories you need to complete are Man’s Best Enemy, Pecking Orders and Wingman to unlock Chicharron.
  3. Now, this rooster will be your ‘pet’ or amigo and he will always fight alongside you. He loves to fight so it comes easily to him.

Chicharron Amigo Abilities

Chicharron has 3 abilities:

  • Roid rage – With this ability, he will attack faster and deal 2x damage when his health is under 70%. So, the already angry rooster becomes angrier? Here for it!
  • Angrier bird – Chicharron will hurl his weight through the air which will knock down enemies to the ground.
  • Chicken Feet – With this amigo ability, Chicharron will dodge enemy attacks better during Roid Rage. He gets heightened senses with this one.

Want to know about the quests to complete in more detail? Keep reading! It’s kind of a long process so buckle up.

chicharron mans best enemy pecking orders wingman

How to Complete Man’s Best Enemy Yaran Story

chicharron location on map far cry 6
Chicharron Location on Map
  1. Open up your map and find the Yaran Story – Man’s Best Enemy and track it.
  2. Approach the area with the chickens and a cutscene will be triggered.
  3. Then talk to Reinaldo Alvarez and accept and track his quest. He will ask you to help Chicharron destroy the army’s secret weapon.
  4. You will have to Open the Door for Chicharron. You also have to protect Chicharron – he won’t rest until all the experimental attack dogs are dead.
  5. Next, you must vandalize the water tower. Use your grapple hook to get higher (don’t forget to collect some loot). At the very top, interact with the wall and use your spray can to leave Chicharron’s mark.
  6. This will help you complete the Yaran Story – Man’s Best Enemy. Onto the next one!

Steps to Complete Pecking Orders Yaran Story

  1. Now head back to Reinaldo where he will give you another Yaran Story objective – Pecking Orders. You must help Chicharron destroy the army’s files. These are sensitive files and intel on the guerillas which Chicharron does NOT like. Help him clear out the info for good. Accept and track this mission.
  2. Don’t forget to collect some more meds and loot before you leave.
  3. Now, you have to follow the Angry Rooster and protect him at all costs. Chicharron will run around like an absolute madlad so just follow him and shoot any soldiers that try to attack him.
  4. Trespass into Vacia Coast Military Archives with guns blazing. Make sure to collect items from the dead soldiers.
  5. After the bloodbath, you will talk to Reinaldo. Again, don’t forget to mark Chicharron’s name to mark his victory! Vandalize the banner on the roof.
  6. This will complete Pecking Orders. Now talk to Reinaldo again.

Wingman – Final Yaran Story to Unlock Chicharron in Far Cry 6

  1. Now, you must help Chicharron destroy the regime’s army monument. This statue has been erected to celebrate its achievements and Chicharron is MAD about it.
  2. Accept and track this mission.
  3. Follow the rooster and protect him while you are at it.
  4. Visit the Naval service monument. Keep Chicharron alive while he takes down the monument.
  5. Secure the area – ensure that there are no survivors. It’s going to be an intense battle especially if you are playing in Action Mode.
  6. After everything, you will complete the Wingman objective. Now look at Chicharron and there will be a paw icon over his head which means he’s your pet/amigo now!

That’s all about how to unlock and get the Chicharron Rooster amigo in Far Cry 6. If you are curious to know how to get Chorizo as well, we’ve got you covered. For everything else including secret tips, tricks and hidden loot, head over to our FC6 guides on Gamer Tweak!