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How To Get Guapo The Crocodile Amigo Pet In Far Cry 6

Here's how to unlock & get Guapo the Crocodile as your Amigo/companion/pet in Far Cry 6. He will revive himself during battle & help you out!

Guapo in Far Cry 6 is an amigo that you can unlock to help you in your adventure. He will passively recover health to continue fighting and also revives himself if he’s downed in combat. If you fancy having this crocodile as a companion, here’s how to get Guapo in Far Cry 6.

How to Get Guapo Crocodile Amigo in Far Cry 6 (Location)


how to get crocodile pet far cry 6

Guapo will be the first amigo that you unlock during your story progress. Complete the compulsory mission with Guapo and Juan on Isla Santuario and you will meet him. So, as soon as Clara tells you to meet Juan Cortez who will be drinking at a bar in Armonia, know that you are very close to getting Guapo, the handsome Croc.

guapo amigo abilities far cry 6 unlock


Help Juan and Guapo to take out the soldiers in the area and talk to Juan. That’s when you will notice a paw icon above Guapo’s head and that means he’s your pet now!

Guapo Amigo Abilities

  • Body Regulation – Guapo will automatically regenerated his health while in combat. You have to let Guapo revive himself 5 times to unlock this ability.
  • Cornered Beast – With this ability, Guapo becomes more resistant to damage when his health is under 50%. You have to let Guapo regenerate 3000 health in combat to unlock it.
  • Reptile Metabolism – When you have Guapo eliminate 50 targets, you can unlock this amigo ability. With it, Guapo’s auto-revive will restore 90% of his health.


Can you Pet Guapo the Crocodile?

You sure can! Simply approach him and press the button prompt to pet him.

So, go ahead and use this companion in combat. Although he is not as aggressive as Chicharron and not as cute as Chorizo, he will certainly be of great help during combat. He is an ancient survivor who depends on nobody for revival!


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