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Far Cry 6 Best Weapons, Resolver, And Supremo

Here are the best Guns, Resolver weapons, and Supremos to get in Far Cry 6.

FC6 brings plenty of new weapons for diverse gameplay. Each weapon has its own uniqueness, best some weapons clearly rank over others in the game. And with a nationwide blockade since 1967, the guerrilla factions depend on makeshift weapons with some unique ideas to create an arsenal worthy of opposing Anton’s army. So today let’s look at the best Guns, Resolver weapons, and Supremos you can use in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapon & Resolver Weapons


Here is the list of the top tier best guns, resolver weapons, and supremos you can get in Far Cry 6:

  • La Varita
  • El Susurro
  • Bullseye
  • The True Loyalist
  • Excavation Execution
  • Triador Supremo

La Varita – Best Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapon


La Varita Best Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapon Gun

La Varita is hands down the best Resolver weapon you can use in Far Cry 6. You need to pair it with Triador Supremo, to get the ability to shoot through walls and disintegrate them into ashes in one shot. Here are the best Far Cry 6 mods you can add in La Varita to get the best out of this Resolver Weapon:

  • Killer’s Covenant – Landing a headshot in Triada Mode refunds the round
  • Falcon’s Eye – Increases the Triada optic zoom level
  • Scorched Earth – Disinyegrated enemies leave a pool of sticky fire on the ground

El Susurro – Best Far Cry 6 Stealth Weapon

El Susurro nail gun Best FC6 Stealth Weapon

If gun-blazing all the way to the end of the map if not your cup of tea, then El Susurro is where you have to look for the best stealth gameplay. This gun shoots nails at enemies in pin-drop silence. We had much fun combining this Resolver weapon with everyone’s favorite amigo Chorizo. While the enemy is equipped with Chorizo’s cuteness, use your El Susurro to pierce nails right between their eyes. Sneakiness has a new definition now.

Bullseye – The Best Far Cry 6 Bow


Bullseye - The Best Far Cry 6 Bow

Another great option for stealth gameplay. But there is a reason we would pick this one over El Susurro. It has an inbuilt mod, which gives a bonus Supremo charge with each headshot kills. So we can use our Triador Supremo more frequently in a gunfight. Instead of full stealth gameplay in any area, Bullseye ensures you are ready with enough Supremo charge if things go south.

The True Loyalist – Best Unique Shotgun in Far Cry 6

The True Loyalist - Best Unique Shotgun

This shotgun has two things unique about it. One, the first shot after reading deals improved damage, and mainly the headshot kills reward bonus Supremo charge. Using close encounter weapons never had such powerful reason before.

Excavation Execution – Best Far Cry 6 Close Range Gun

Excavation Execution - Best Far Cry 6 Close Range Gun

Okay, another shotgun to the list? Yes indeed, with 15 magazine size, 86 RPM, combined with high mid-range damage, makes this a shotgun you cannot miss. But that’s not the best part yet. This unique shotgun weapon allows you to move with increased speed while aiming down the sight. And with 15 clips, you can clear out an entire area easily with few reloads.

Triador – The Best Far Cry 6 Supremo

The Best Far Cry 6 Triador Supremo

Okay there is no doubt that Triador is the best Supremo you can get in Far Cry 6. This weapon allows you to “Mark” enemies in cover and combined with the La Varita rifle, you can shoot through walls. And for mods, we suggest you use Sharshooter for Eriador. Sharpshooter mod will give you a bonus Supremo charge as a reward for every headshot kills. Combined with other weapons we mentioned above to get more bonus Supremo charge, Triador makes you an unstoppable force in fort any enemy type Anton throws at you.

Far Cry 6 Best Starter Weapons Tier List

If you are not planning to wait to unlock all of these guns, then take a look at these best starter weapons you can easily collect in Far Cry 6. They ranked top on our tier list so we are presenting these starter weapons in alphabetical order for you to find them easily:

Far Cry 6 Weapon Type
1887 Shotgun

308 Carbine

Sniper Rifle
45/70-T Rifle


Assault Rifle
BZ19 Sub-Machine Gun

Disc Launcher

FAL/FC6 Rifle


M60 NV Light Machine Gun


Sidearm – Launcher
Machete Melee

Mark IV

MBP 50 Sniper Rifle


Light Machine Gun
MP34 Sub-Machine Gun


Sub-Machine Gun
MP5 Sub-Machine Gun

MS16 S & L

Assault Rifle
P226 Sidearm


Recurve Bow Special


SBS Shotgun


Sub-Machine Gun
SMG-11 Sidearm


SVD Sniper Rifle

Tostador Flamethrower


That’s everything you need to know in our list of the top tier best guns, resolver weapons, and supremos you can get in Far Cry 6. For more exciting tips and tricks, make sure to check out our Far Cry 6 Guides, right here on GamerTweak.