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How To Get Money Fast In Far Cry 6 – Peso Guide

Read this guide to learn how you can earn the Yaran Pesos quickly in Far Cry 6.

If you play Far Cry 6, you will know the importance of earning Yaran Peso, the main medium of money in the game. With the pesos, you will have the ability to unlock and acquire important gear. This makes having enough money in the game quite a big deal. Having extra cash can always help you in difficult situations. If you are strapped for money, read this guide to learn how you can get your hands on some essential green.

Far Cry 6 Yaran Peso: How To Make Money Fast!


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Looting to Earn Money Fast in Far Cry 6

Looting is one of the easiest ways you can quickly acquire some Yaran Pesos in Far Cry 6. The best part about loot is the fact that you will be able to find it pretty much anywhere on the map in the game. To enhance your chances of coming across important loot items, we recommend you look around very attentively and carefully. You should check shelves, sweep floors, and even try and scout the rooftops of structures in order to acquire chests and bags, among other types of containers. Make sure to keep checking the map in order to spot some potentially lootable items.


Try to not leave any stone unturned when it comes to scouting for loot. This means you should look in all locations, right from campsites and random buildings, to bases highlighted in the map.

To make things even easier, Far Cry 6 offers you the ability to be able to identify loot items in the game. Once you enable the said option, you will be shown a white outline around items that are of value. This is a great way to get your hands on money.

Re-Attempting Races


Racing is a unique and cool way to get your wallets stocked up with some important pesos, and Far Cry 6 offers you great opportunities to do so. This is a great option if you are really low on money and need to make it quickly. For this, all you need to do is look for the quickest race in the game. Once you find the said race, just try to beat the set time. Doing so will give you a reward. Now, just try the race all over again, and keep repeating this process. By doing so, you will keep earning rewards repeatedly.

This is what makes this method of earning Yaran Peso quickly so attractive and fun. It is the ability to be able to keep earning rewards repeatedly without anyone stopping you.

Los Bandidos Operations to Get Peso Quickly

Of all of the methods mentioned in this guide, the best probably has to be the Los Bandidos Operations in Far Cry 6. By completing the said operations, you will be able to easily acquire a lot of cash, and that too quite quickly.


One of the biggest reasons this is such a great way to make pesos is because of the fact that you do not need to do much in order to earn them. Instead of putting in any manual input, you can just leave the operations running in the background. By doing so, you stand the chance to earn several thousands of pesos at one time, helping make you extremely rich.

Another great thing about this method is the fact that you will be able to unlock and participate in them quite quickly, just a few hours into the main storyline of Far Cry 6. You will be able to receive unique missions every few hours, so the potential to earn is quite high.

These are all of the possible ways you can earn money very fast in Far Cry 6. With these methods, you will have plenty of Yaran Peso really quickly. Just remember to pay special attention to the steps and instructions mentioned in this guide, and you should be great to go!

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