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New Fortnite Havoc Pump Shotgun: How To One Shot Kill

Want to eliminate enemies in a single shot? Here's our guide on how to one-shot kill with the new Fortnite Havoc Pump Shotgun.

With the arrival of the Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2, four new guns are making their first run as the latest weapons. One of these weapons includes the Havoc Pump Shotgun which reportedly kills enemies in a single hit. While this gun might shift the meta, several Fortnite players are eyeing this overpowered shotgun. As this weapon has several variants, players also wonder which one can eliminate enemies with a single shot. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to one-shot kill with the new Fortnite Havoc Pump Shotgun.

Fortnite Havoc Pump Shotgun – How to One Shot Kill?

fortnite havoc pump shotgun one shot kill

You can one-shot kill your enemies by using the Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. As confirmed by the Fortnite creator on Twitter, Hypex, the Mythic Havoc Pump shotgun can deal with 250 max damage. This would be enough damage to eliminate a player with a fully refilled health and shield at 200 HP. But since the Mythic variant will be a bit rare to find, you can also go for the Gold Havoc Pump Shotgun.

The Gold variant of the Pump Shotgun instead, deals with 190 maximum damage in one shot. Although it inflicts less damage than the Mythic version, it can also one-shot eliminate enemies. But as it is just the start of the season, you can expect several sweaty players lining up for this weapon. So, we suggest you be quick to loot if you find it lying around.

In addition to this OP shotgun, Epic Games has also launched and unvaulted several weapons this season. This includes the Havoc Suppressed Assault rifle, Overclocked Pulse Rifle, and the Heavy Sniper. So, check out our complete Weapons list in Chapter 4 season 2.

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