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How to Get Iron Golem Artifact In Minecraft Dungeons

How to summon Iron Golem

Iron Golem Artifact is a Hero ability in Minecraft Dungeons. It lets you summon an Iron Golem to fight at your side, a pet with powers. In this guide, you will learn how to get Golem Kit Artifact in Minecraft Dungeons.


Reach Level 40

You must be at least at Level 40 in Minecraft Dungeons to get Iron Golem Artifact. Your gear power must be around 70 so that your Hero is good enough to deal with enemies in Minecraft Dungeons apocalypse difficulty.

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Switch to Apocalypse Difficulty

To unlock Golem Kit Artifact in Minecraft Dungeons you will have to complete the game on Apocalypse difficulty. The toughest part where all your skills will be tested. Iron Golem Artifact allows you to summon an ally in the fight that will aid you against the mob. It does not unlock at lower level difficulty. Beat the Minecraft Dungeon default and adventure difficulty modes also and you will find Golem Kit through a drop.

Golem Kit Artifact Drop Location


Golem kit will drop in Pumpkin Pastures, but there are chances you can also find it from Wandering Traveler. The drop is random and after completing the above two requirements your chances of getting Iron Golem increases by 80%.

Wandering Traveler is a NPC in your camp, you can buy random artifact from him. Rare ones cost the most, so be ready with enough Emeralds in your pocket.

How to summon Iron Golem?

Finally, after unlocking the Golem Artifact Kit you can summon an Iron Golem in the game. To do this equip the artifact in one of the three slots. Then press the corresponding key on your console or PC to summon the Iron Golem. It will start fighting with the mobs as soon as it finds enemies are approaching you. Golem Kit has a 30 second cooldown time, so summon it when you need the most. Next, there will be a 30 second wait time, so you will not like to be in a tough situation during this cooldown period.

Iron Golem is a strong ally in Minecraft Dungeons, it can handle a lot of damage and lure enemies towards him. This will give you enough room to survive and act as support in destroying the mobiles.


That’s it, this is how you can unlock Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons. Want more guides on the game, here is a link to Wiki guide.