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Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Attributes & Stats Guide

Types of weapons and their stats

In Minecraft Dungeons you will be playing the role of a hero who is trying to save illagers from an evil rule. For this you will need a lot of amazing weapons to take down zombies, soldiers, bosses, etc. You will start with a Sword and soon unlock a Bow and Arrow. As you progress you will unlock more weapons. Depending on their stats, the type enchantment you are using, your chances of victory differ. So here is a guide on Minecraft Dungeons weapon attributes, a different type of weapons, and how to boost their stats.

Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Attributes & Stats Guide

There are two types of weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, first is melee which includes the sword or hammer, and the second is ranged. Ranged includes weapons like bows and arrows that allow you to shoot down enemies from a distance. There are artifacts, a kind of additional power to let you shoot explosive arrows, or grab object using a fish stick.

Each weapon can be identified whether strong or weak on the basis of its stats. For example when you start playing you will unlock a Sword, if you check your inventory on the right you will see the Weapon Level and Stats. Upgrading weapon requires enchantment points, that unlocks when you level up.

Weapons Attributes:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Area

Most weapons strength are defined based on three primary attributes including Damage which is the base stat. The higher stats your weapons the strong it will be, Weapons also have Levels in Minecraft Dungeon. At lowest level a weapon like Sword will give you 10-16 damage and as you upgrade them the damage will increase. Along with you will be working on three separate attributes Power, Speed and Range.

A combination of decent weapon and armor in Minecraft Dungeon will help you to defeat stronger enemies. Melee weapons are mostly closed range weapons which are less effect against enemies who shoot arrows. They are best against zombies, and enemies with swords.

While long ranged weapon like bow and arrow gives you higher range and artifacts like Explosive Arrow gives you option to defeat stronger enemies. There are explosives also like TNT boxes that you can throw on a group of enemies to blow them up.

Weapons Level up with enchantments, you will earn enchantments points after killing enough number of enemies to fill the purple bar below the heart on bottom right side. There are different enchantments in the game and as you progress you will unlock more that will help you to boost core stats like damage, chance, health, etc.

List of Melee Weapons:

  • Sword – Common
  • Sickles – Common
  • Great Hammer – Common
  • Soul Scythe – Rare
  • Nightmare’s Bite – Unique
  • Hawkbrand – Unique

Some weapons comes with effects like the Great Hammer comes with Great Splash, Sickles with Dual Wield. Soul Scythe lets you get +2 South and Nightmare’s Bite comes with Spawn Poison Clouds and Dual Wield. Hawkbrand features increased critical hit chance effect.

List of Ranged Weapons:

  • Soul Bow – Common
  • Long Bow – Rare

Soul Bow features +2 Soul gathering effect while Long Blow comes with Charged Range attack.

What if I salvage Weapons?

Salvaging weapon is an easy way to earn emeralds in Minecraft Dungeon. Emerald the default money and it can be used to purchase items from Vendors. From the inventory you can simply break the weapons that are not required. This free up inventory space and gives you options to collect more. Salvaging weapons also gives you enchantment points, so that you can break old one and use the points to upgrade a new weapons.

There are more weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, we will be updating this article with more info as we progress in the game.