Minecraft Dungeons: Best Combat And Loot Tips

Best tips to help you in the game

Minecraft Dungeons is here and, expectedly, it’s getting a lot of positive reaction. Set in the Minecraft universe, this dungeon crawler game combines the action RPG format with the famous blocky style of Minecraft and players are loving it. Two of the most essential elements of this game are combat and loot. In this guide, we will tell you some useful Minecraft Dungeons combat and loot tips that will elevate your gaming experience to another level.

Best Tips for Combat and Loot in Minecraft Dungeons

Let’s take a look at some combat tips first. With these, you will know exactly how to take down the monsters and bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.

Salvage older equipment

If you have equipment that you don’t use or need anymore, especially the low tier ones, you can regain some enchantment points if you salvage the equipment. To do this, go to your inventory, pick the item you don’t want and look for a ‘Salvage’ button on the screen. Confirm that you want to salvage this item and it will show you how many emeralds you will get as payback. You will also receive enchantment points that were applied to that equipment, so it’s always better to salvage than to hoard them.

Create separate builds

Since both types of enemies have different requirements, it’s best to use different builds to kill them too. Keep another set that’s perfect for bosses handy and you will be good to go.

Change difficulty as you like

If you want more of a challenge in Minecraft Dungeons, you can increase the difficulty before every level. And if things get really tough, feel free to decrease it too. That’s because it will help you to keep on moving to find the various secret levels and the levels that lie further ahead.

Some enemies have changed

If you are a Minecraft player, you have seen some enemies already. But some of them have evolved in Minecraft Dungeons. How? Well, originally, Enderman used to get hostile if you looked at him. Since that will not work so well in the isometric format of this game, there’s a slight change in the behavior that makes him aggro. Now, if you are close to him, he starts getting mad at you. So, if you were already familiar with these foes, note that some of them aren’t exactly the same anymore.

Make the most of cooldowns

Why should cooldowns be detrimental to your game? You can actually make the most of them by using it during combat. Simply ensure that you are completely recharged before heading into battle. Since there is a high chance that you will be surrounded by a lot of enemies at the same time, doing this is very important. In case you encounter a boss who is unleashing constant attacks, move out of his way and wait until you are back in form. This will help you survive for longer and even beat bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.

Now, let’s see some loot tips that will help you gain some amazing and useful loot in Minecraft Dungeons.

Scan every area of the map

Make sure to take the path less traveled to find chests with valuable loot. If you stick to the marker shown by the game, you might lose out on a lot of good loot. You might even uncover some secrets while you are at it. To discover some secret levels, try to get into an area which is beyond the boundary shown

A higher difficulty means better loot

If you play on a higher difficulty, like a 1.4x difficulty in the initial levels, there is a higher chance of a good reward. To make sure that you haven’t missed out on any loot, replay levels to get your hands on them.

Check your camp after missions

An easy way to get fifty emeralds is to check for any chest that has appeared in the camp after a mission.

So these were some essential combat and loot tips. For more useful guides for this game, check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides on GamerTweak.