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Best GTA 5 Mods For Realism (2023)

Better graphics, smarter cops and more...Here is our guide on 5 of the best realistic mods for GTA 5.

Looking for GTA 5 realism mods to experience realistic graphics and gameplay? This list is for you. Realism mods take things to another level by giving you better driving, better-looking cars, gun sounds, car damage, and more. And if you are looking to do the same, here are the best realistic GTA V mods that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Best GTA 5 Mods for Realism

Here is a list of all the best GTA 5 realism mods that you can download and install for more realistic graphics and gameplay.

G*re realism V5 Mod

gta 5 realistic damage mod

If you are not satisfied with the encounters in GTA 5, this mod will help you take things up a few notches. Players will have more realistic injuries with even more blood that will soak over time. This mod is for players who need more mayhem in their game.

Better Chases + Arrests Mod

better chases+ arrest mod gta 5

Want to make the police department in GTA 5 step up their game and for you to have a fair fight? Here is a mod that will help you with that. The Better Chases + Arrest Warrants mod makes the cops in the game smarter than before. It will make the chases more realistic as cops will have to go through a list of procedures before shooting or even ramming your vehicle. If things get rough, you can surrender anytime you want.

Realistic Gun Sounds Mod

realistic gun sounds mod gta 5

Tired of the sounds that guns make in GTA 5? Then this mod is for you. This mod lets you switch the vanilla sounds in the game to more realistic gunshots. This can make the overall experience better and more realistic for players in the game. With this and the g*re mod, players can have much more hyper-realistic features.

Realistic Driving V Mod

driving mod gta 5

Want the driving in GTA 5 to have the same physics as the real world? Well, then this mod can make that happen for you. The realistic Driving mod lets you install more realistic physics to driving in the game. Players would have to look out for roads, surfaces, tire grips, etc as the mod will let you have more real driving experience.

GTA V Redux Mod

gta 5 redux

This mod just makes everything better. From ultra-high textures to photorealism, everything is covered by this mod. If you want your game to look hyper-realistic this is the mod you will want to install. Every mechanic of GTA 5 is taken up a notch with it so that players can have an even better and ultra-realistic gameplay experience.

These are the best GTA 5 mods that you can install for realism. If you want to know how you can install the hilarious Slap Mod in GTA 5 you can check out our guide right here on Gamer Tweak.