GTA 5: Where to Park the Getaway Car for the FIB Mission

Found a good choice for a getaway car but wherever you’re trying to park it isn’t the right location? Here’s where you need to go.

After a successful heist, having a good getaway car in GTA 5 to leave the area unscathed is crucial; and if you know where to park it, the car will stay hidden until the mission. However, during the FIB pre-heist planning, the game does not tell you where to put the vehicle – it only gives you a hint and you have to figure out the rest.

If you’ve picked up a suitable car (one that’s fast but discreet) for your escape, here’s where to park the getaway car for the FIB mission.

Where do I Park the Getaway Car in GTA 5? Map Location

The best place to put your getaway vehicle is in Burro Heights which is close to the HQ and the mission location. El Burro Heights is a suburban neighborhood in East Los Santos and here’s the map with the exact parking spot.

map location to park fib mission getaway car gta 5
Get to the location by spotting the road marked by the arrow, and going north-east from it.

The roads near it are easily identifiable so getting there from your pre-heist discussion should be easy.

The goal is to park the car in a place that’s not too out-in-the-open, not on the main road, and somewhat away from residential areas.

where to park getaway vehicle blitz play gta 5

Once you’ve driven to the location, the game will tell you whether it’s a good area or not. If yes, get out of the vehicle, pull up your mobile phone, head to contacts, find Michael and call him. Choose the option of MARK GETAWAY LOCATION while calling and this will put you in a conference call with Franklin.

Michael will ask you where you’ve parked and Trevor will say Burro Hills. Now you’re free to walk out of the area and this section of the mission will complete.

Note: Park the car in reverse so that it’s easy to bring it out of the space when you’re in the middle of the heist mission.

That’s everything to know about parking the getaway vehicle in GTA 5. If you’d like to know the GTA V cheats list, phone cheat codes and car/vehicle cheats, here are some guides that will help you out.