How To Get Ward Armor Trim In Minecraft

Having no luck finding the Ward Armor Trim in Minecraft? Then, here's how you can obtain it.

In Minecraft, finding the Ward Armor trim is not going to be an easy task. That’s because this is the second-rarest variant of Smithing Templates and has a super low chance to spawn. But if you somehow manage to obtain it, then you’ll be surely flexing it in front of your friends. Don’t forget this item provides no buffs or effects and is entirely cosmetic which you can use to customize your armors. And if you’re still willing to grind for it, then we’ll help with the locations. Below we have mentioned all about where you can find Ward Armor Trim in the game.

Where to Find Ward Armor Trim in Minecraft (Location)

where to find & get the Ward armor trim in minecraft location
Source Image: Udisen

In Minecraft to find the Ward Armor Trim you’ll have to look for the Ancient City treasure chest. And surprisingly the spawn rate of this Smithing Template in the chest is very low, i.e. 5%. So don’t forget, you’ll be opening several treasure chests in the creepiest biome. Players can reach the Ancient City by looking for it in the Deep Dark Biome. Before you do, let us tell you, reaching this location is itself a difficult task. And if you haven’t come across one yet, then check out our guide on how to find Ancient City easily.

While you’re looking for the Ward Armor trim, there’s a slight chance that you might run into the Silence Armor Trim. The rarest variant of Smithing Template which has a 1% spawn rate in treasure chests of Ancient City. So it seems, obtaining the Silence armor trim is also a win-win if you haven’t found it yet. And once you get a hold of any one of these smithing templates in the game, you can simply duplicate it. If you’re not sure how you can craft a second piece of Ward Armor trim in Minecraft then scroll down for steps.

How to Craft & Duplicate Ward Armor Trim

How to Craft & Duplicate Ward Armor Trim
Source Image: Udisen

To craft & duplicate the Ward Armor trim you’ll need 1x Cobbled Deepslate, 7x Diamond, and most importantly 1x Ward Armor Trim.

  1. First, take the 7 Diamonds and place them in a U shape in the 3×3 grid.
  2. Next, place the Ward Armor Trim in the middle of two diamonds in the top row.
  3. After that, place the Cobbled Deepslate in the middle of the grid.
  4. And voila, you’ll have an extra Ward Armor Trim just like that.

That’s all about how you can get & duplicate Ward Armor Trim in Minecraft easily. If you haven’t found the Eye & Spire Armor Trim, then check out how you can find them. Also, take a look at the most popular Minecraft mods you should try.