Minecraft Guide: Best Way To Find An Ancient City

Check out our guide on how to find the Ancient city in Minecraft update 1.19.

The Ancient City in Minecraft is one of the most elusive regions to ever exist. We can confirm this because there’s no fixed location where you can find this structure. The best piece of information about the Ancient City’s Location is that it is found in the Deep Dark Biome. So to reach there, you will have to mine your way under the ground. You know finding a place is difficult if it requires plenty of mining in Minecraft. So to help you find the Ancient City easily, we have created this guide.

What’s the Easiest Way to Reach Ancient City in Minecraft?

reaching Ancient City in Minecraft easily by using Cheats
Image Credits to Imperial Sam

According to me, the easiest way to find an Ancient City in Minecraft is by using Cheats. If your server has cheats enabled then you can use the following steps to reach your destination:

  • Open the Chat menu and enter the below command to get the coordinates of the Ancient City:
    • In Minecraft Java Edition, use the cheat /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city
    • In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, use the cheat /locate ancientcity
  • Press enter and you will get the coordinates of the Ancient City on your server.

You can now follow the given coordinates to find and reach the Ancient City. One more thing, you can use the cheat /tp [username] [coordinates] to directly teleport yourself to the Ancient City in Minecraft. This will save all your efforts and you’d be good to go.

Where to Find Ancient City (Without Cheats)

In case your server doesn’t have the cheats enabled, you can still find the Ancient City. But for that, you must first know how and where to look for it exactly. From what we know, Ancient City generates in the Deep Dark Biome. That being said, the way to Ancient City goes through the Deep Dark region. You can check out our detailed guide where we have mentioned the steps to get to the Deep Dark Biome.

The Deep Dark Biome usually appears below the coordinates Y-level -52. You will know you have entered this region when you see Sculk Blocks all over the place. The Ancient Cities usually spawn under the area where the land has low erosion. Basically, this is an area where you can find huge hills or mountains on the surface. So if you want to find the Ancient City in Minecraft, your best bet will be looking for it under the aforementioned area.

That’s how you can find the Ancient City in Minecraft easily. For more content like how to get Tide and Ward Armor, feel free to check out our guides on them.